We offer a range of technical services to help ensure that the right product is used in the right place to protect the longevity of the building.

Whether it's a new build at the design stage or a refurbishment project with a new roof or façade, we can visit your project and assist with advice, training, technical calculations, or specific on-site tests.

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Our team are on hand to advise you about everything from regulatory compliance to product specification, as well as assisting with your project by undertaking calculations and testing.

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A range of technical services

Wind load calculations

Wind load calculations typically for flat roofing projects using our SureFast flat roofing fastener systems, in accordance with BS EN 1991-1-4:2005 +A1:2010.

Rainwater calculations

Flow rate calculations for our FarBo roof drainage systems, in accordance with the UK design standard BS EN 12056:3-200.

Façade calculations

Façade and rainscreen calculations for providing the quantity and spacing of the substructure rail and bracket system.

Site visits

Book a visit to your project by one of our technical consultants. Every visit will be followed up with a comprehensive written report to ensure you have all the information you need.

Tapered fastener schemes

Upload a plan for your tapered insulation scheme, and we’ll calculate the optimum fastener requirements for each insulation board thickness.

Colour Matching

Coloured fasteners to your specification. Our in-house lacquering and moulding facilities mean that we can colour match to a wide variety of colours, as well as providing you with samples to check before you commit.

Specific application testing

Book an application specific fastener test to be carried out in our technical laboratory.

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We take product performance seriously

Our technical laboratory is kitted out with a wide range of testing equipment to measure and record accurate, reliable results - every time.

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Specification support services

We're committed to helping you choose the right product for the right application - not just to mitigate risk, but for the longevity and safety of the building over its lifetime.

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