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Helping hand brackets for façade support systems

In detail

Made Simple – One bracket: all challenges solved

  • One design of bracket for both vertical and horizontal support rail configurations

  • Engineered for both fixed and sliding points

  • Accommodating a range of cladding zone & cavity depths from 80mm to 646mm

  • Copes with soffit applications up to 946mm deep

  • High strength Aluminium or Stainless Steel brackets to suit your application

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Made for thermal efficiency

Low thermal conductivity solutions are available to help reduce the thickness of insulation required.

Our Stainless Steel brackets offer lower U values than Aluminium products – with Thermostop isolation pads for excellent resistance to thermal transmission.

Complete flexibility & confidence

A complete system, optimised for simplicity, speed and strength: available with our rails, fasteners, and accessories.

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Why choose stainless steel SPIDI® max brackets?

  • Stainless steel is non-combustible (like aluminium), but has a very high melting point, which can range from 1375-1400°C

  • Stainless steel offers lower thermal conductivity characteristics than aluminium – which can reduce the thickness of insulation required for meeting a given U value

  • Higher strength than aluminium: a benefit for systems using heavier façade materials

  • Stainless and especially A4/316 grade steel offers exceptional corrosion resistance, increasing the service life of a system in environments with high corrosivity classifications

Design & technical support

We're on hand to help your project through to completion

We’re committed to a right product, right time, every time approach – which translates into understanding your exact requirements to find the best solution.

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Just complete a simple online calculation form, and we’ll undertake static and dynamic load calculations before providing you with a detailed calculation, schematic drawings, and if required, a list of materials and pricing.
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  • Bracket and rail fixings
  • Metal expanding anchors
  • Concrete Screws
  • Nylon expanding anchors
  • Panel screws
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