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Sealants and tapes

Sealing products play an important role in keeping the building air and watertight in line with increasingly stringent regulations for air sealing and thermal performance.

Cartridge Sealants

Our comprehensive range of cartridge sealants and accessories ensures the thermal insulation, air sealing and weatherproofing of sheeting and cladding systems. Cartridge sealants offer a clean and efficient method of filling joints and gaps and sealing trims and flashings.

Applications include:

  • Sealing metal sheeting & cladding

  • Sealing gutters, flashings and butt strap joints

  • Bedding applications

  • Sealing of firewalls

  • Sealing to concrete, masonry, bitumen and lead work

High performance cartridge sealants

Low modulus

Our SeeLex low modulus silicone is suitable for general purpose external sealing applications – available in a wide range of colours.

Butyl rubber mastic

Gun grade mastic suitable for flashings, butt strap joints and bedding applications – manufactured from butyl rubber blended with fillers and polymers.

Hybrid polymer adhesive & sealant

One part hybrid adhesive and sealant based on the latest polymer technology – sealing and adhering to a wide range of construction substrates.


Designed for bedding applications, and recommended as a lap sealant for some aluminium sheeting systems. Our SeeLex ND is a non-setting bedding sealant based on synthetic rubber polymer.


One part polyurethane sealant, often used as a high performance alternative to standard silicone sealant – curing twice as fast as standard silicone.

Fire rated

Acrylic based intumescent sealant for firewall applications – providing up to 4 hours fire resistance.

Lead safe

Specially formulated as an alternative to mortaring lead flashings and sheet into brick, stone and concrete.


Sealant for use specifically in bitumen applications.

Food safe

For sealing construction and industrial applications where food contact is a requirement – conforming to ISO 849 applications.


Advanced cartridge-applied adhesive designed for a wide range of applications – bonding to internal and external surfaces in all common building services.

Tape & strip sealants

Our extensive range of high quality strip and tape sealants is designed for isolating, joint and gap filling, thermal bridge protection, and sealing trim and flashing. Used together, Fixfast’s strip and tape sealants create a complete, efficient sealing solution for industrial roofing and cladding applications.

Applications include:

  • Side and end laps in steel and aluminium external metal sheeting

  • End laps in metal liner sheeting

  • Rooflights

  • Metal flashings

  • Ridges and eaves in combination with foam fillers

  • Penetrations to roof and wall cladding

  • Joints in vapour control layers

A-grade butyl mastic tape

Excellent air sealing and weatherproofing performance from our high tack strip sealant range.

PB liner mastic

Polyband mastic tape for sealing side laps in metal liner sheeting – preventing vapour transmission, with excellent adhesion.

Intumescent strip sealant

Providing 30 minute smoke and fire resistance, our intumescent strip sealant has been tested in accordance with BS476 Part 22 1987 and EN1364-1:1999.


High tack, high strength butyl strip sealant laminated to a UV-resistant plastic foil – for flashing and repair applications.

Co-laminate butyl strip sealant

High air sealing and weatherproofing performance from our A-grade co-laminate strip sealant for sealing lap joints within sheeting and cladding applications.

EPDM foam tape

Closed-cell, self-adhesive expanded foam tape, suitable for side lap, end lap and rooflight applications in metal roofing and cladding systems.

Expanding foam tape

Polyurethane cellular foam, impregnated with a flame-retardant acrylic resin. Provides a weather seal when compressed to 25% of its original thickness.

PVC air sealing tape

Manufactured from expanded PVC, our closed-cell air sealing tape is coated with pressure sensitive acrylic adhesive.

Cold bridging tape

Self-adhesive tape for the prevention of cold bridging between the substructure and the outer sheet.

Barrier tape

Self-adhesive PVC barrier tape for isolated dissimilar metals – with good resistance to abrasion, corrosion, and moisture.

Aluminium foil tape

Self-adhesive, heat reflective silver aluminium foil tape – ideal for sealing joints on foil faced rigid foam insulation boards.

Masking tape

Premium low tack, lightly adhesive paper tape.

Double sided tape

Self-adhesive double sided tape for general construction use.

Cloth duct tape

Heavy duty reinforced tape for general construction.

Code Explainer

Our extensive range of premium tape products provide a weather seal by adhering to the substrate when compressed. This highly versatile range includes foam, flashing and self-adhesive tapes.

Part of our specialist range:

  • Cross-linked closed cell polyethylene self-adhesive foam tape which creates a thermal break for panel applications

  • Self-adhesive PVC tape, recommended for isolating dissimilar metals, such as aluminium sheets from steel purlins, to prevent electrolytic reaction

  • Heavy duty reinforced tape suitable for use with a tape gun

Tapes suitable for roofing, cladding and façade applications:

  • Isolating

  • Jointing

  • Vapour sealing

  • Repairs

  • Weatherproofing

Product specification

When specifying strip sealant, it is important to refer to the sheeting manufacturer’s guidance regarding the grade and size of strip sealant, as well as the positioning details.

Where such recommendations are not available, MCRMA technical paper No. 16 outlines the following guidance for best practice for sealing end laps:

Use 5mm x 6mm strip sealant where 3mm x 9mm has traditionally been used – extensive testing has proved that 3mm x 9mm is inadequate to deal to the standard required.

6mm bead is also approved, but 5mm x 6mm is preferred due to better stability and greater surface area.

Strip sealant thinner than 5mm will not touch both sheets in the variable conditions of site application, and has less compressibility to even out the variations.

Construction foam

Invaluable in many applications where larger gaps must be filled. It cures on contact with humidity to form a semi-rigid cellular structure which is weatherproof and will not rot.


  • Single component polyurethane foam

  • Single component fire-retardant PU foam independently tested for fire resistance


In addition to sealants, we can offer a range of accessories including cartridge guns, foam applicator guns, backing rods, foam gun cleaners, silicone cleaning wipes and silicone removers.

Need support specifying strip sealants?

All our strip sealants comply with NFRC technical bulletin No 36, which states that materials must pass stringent quality tests to be suitable for use in sheeting and cladding.

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