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Ensuring brand consistency

In August 2023 Fixfast launched a new brand identity and logo. Since the business began in 1975 its identity has evolved to reflect both the time and stage of growth of the business.

The most recent change and our biggest yet aligns the business visual identity with its position as a market leader in its sector.

Why are brand guidelines needed?

It is important in order to maintain the integrity of the brand's visual identity that guidelines are followed. The guidelines show clear rules on how the brand and its marks should be used. The guidelines are written both for use by the Fixfast team and other authorised parties.

Brand usage agreement

The brand usage agreement sets out who can use the Fixfast brand and under what conditions. The following organisations have implied rights of use:

  • Authorised partners and agencies working with Fixfast are permitted to use the Fixfast logo and mark to support ongoing relationships.

  • Authorised distributors are permitted to use the brand logo and marks provided they are for the promotion of the sale of Fixfast products.

All other usage of the brand and marks should be authorised. Unauthorised use of the brand and its marks is forbidden. Authority can be obtained by emailing [email protected]

Download brand guidelines & logos