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We’re committed to helping architects and specifiers achieve their 35 (minimum) hours of continuing professional development per year.

Free of charge, and held at a time that suits you, we can deliver these seminars at our office in Kent, online, or at your premises within the UK.

Seminar 1

Designing for an increasingly extreme environment – implications for fastener specification

The UK’s weather is getting more extreme. With buildings expected to have a lifespan of over 40 years, it’s important to consider the impact of environmental change on the performance of the building envelope. Fasteners play an essential role in joining structural systems, but they do not always receive due consideration. This CPD will examine the role of correct fastener specification in protecting the life and value of a building – and ultimately, mitigating risk for its designers, builders, owners, and users.

By the end of the presentation you should have a greater understanding of:

  • How the changing environment can impact how building envelopes perform long term

  • Environmental considerations for building design – the detail of fasteners

  • How fasteners perform when faced with extreme weather and its effect on the building envelope

  • The risk of incorrect specification and implications for liability

  • How to correctly specify building envelope fasteners to ensure longevity and mitigate risk

  • What questions to ask of a manufacturer when specifying fasteners for your projects

“...a huge thank you again for giving up your time to host a brilliant CPD seminar and provide us with the opportunity to learn about the subjects covered. The presentation contained lots of very interesting and pertinent information and superbly presented – one of the best.”
Robert Gurney Project Director of T P Bennett LLP
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