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Safe, secure fixings for extremely high corrosivity environments.

TapFast TF-HCR self-tapping fasteners are designed to fix sheeting and cladding to timber, heavy steel and light steel, and are suitable for use in extremely high-risk environments including:

  • Swimming pools with almost permanent condensation and exposure to chlorine

  • Subtropical and tropical zones with exposure to severe humidity

  • High pollution environments such as extreme industrial areas

  • Coastal and offshore areas where there will be occasional contact with salt spray

What makes up the range?
  • Swimming pool fixings

Our TF-HCR self-tapping fasteners must be used for all safety-critical applications where fasteners penetrate or are installed within the corrosive environment. Where fasteners are protected from chlorine gas and other chemicals, other grades of stainless steel can be used.

Drill Points
Code Substrate material Length (mm) Diameter (mm) Drive type
TF-HCR-A-6.3 X 35 Light steel 35mm 6.3mm 8mm Hex
TF-HCR-B-6.3 X 35 Heavy steel 35mm 6.3mm 8mm Hex
TF-HCR-C-6.3 X 65 Timber 65mm 6.3mm 8mm Hex
Steel Grades

Delivering proven resistance against stress corrosion cracking, our self-tapping fasteners are manufactured from high-grade High Corrosion Resistant (HCR) 1.4529 stainless steel, which is an approved material according to BS EN ISO 3506-4:2009 Annex C.

Containing a minimum of 6% Molybdenum, allowing these fasteners to be used in corrosive, aggressive environments.

Our TF-HCR range meets the standards set out by the NI (Nickel Institute) for safety-critical fasteners in applications where stress corrosion could be an issue.

Head Styles

Precision engineered hexagon heads for easier driving

Sealing Washers
Code Material Diameter (mm) Application
SA15 Stainless Steel A4/316 15mm Vertical cladding
SA19 Stainless Steel A4/316 19mm Roof sheeting
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