FarBo™ rainwater outlets

FarBo: our highly effective flat roof drainage system designed to remove rainwater, protecting the building against water ingress and preserving its longevity.
Available with a range of different waterproofing membranes to suit the waterproofing membrane used on the roof – and manufactured with a stainless steel A4/316 corrosion resistant spigot - making it suitable for use in a wide range of flat roofing drainage applications.

Factory bonded membrane flange

Outlets are supplied with a factory bonded membrane flange to match the waterproofing membrane used on the roof, ensuring a completely watertight seal.

Sealed against water back-up

‘O’ ring seal on the spigot of the outlet prevents any water back-up from leaking between the spigot and the downpipe, in refurbishment applications.

Highly versatile & durable

A comprehensive range of different diameters supplied with a standard 400mm spigot, and the option of a 600mm spigot for the more popular diameters allows for increased insulation thicknesses.

With our complementing variety of leaf guard options and an extensive range of membranes our outlets can suit, our rainwater outlets are suitable for most applications. A flush finish minimises the risk of any ‘ponding’ of the surface water.

Quick and easy installation

One-piece unit makes our FarBo range quick and easy to install, with no need for a clamping ring of specialist installation tooling.

Flush finish

Preventing ponding around the outlet opening.

Corrosion resistant

Our FarBo outlet spigots are manufactured from A4/316 grade Stainless steel, ensuring they are highly resistant to corrosion.

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New build or refurbishment?

We supply numerous sizes of outlets – some sizes are more suited to new build, while others are for refurbishment.

New build

Install our 75mm, 110mm, or 160mm outlets in new build applications.

The roofer installs the outlet, and the plumber connects the pipe to the outlet – a straightforward operation for the plumber. There are various ways of connecting the pipe and outlet – most commonly, using a double socket connector.


Install our 40mm, 62mm, 90mm, 95mm, or 145mm outlets in refurbishment applications.

It’s often difficult in refurbishment applications to access the connection between the outlet spigot and the downpipe due to the ceiling. The outlet therefore has to sleeve into the existing pipe and a watertight seal must be achieved – the supplied ‘O’ ring is for this purpose. The outlet is simply pushed down inside the existing pipe.

The range


Vertical outlets in a large range of sizes for both new build and refurbishment applications – with a large flange providing excellent coverage, and available in various waterproofing membranes to suit the relevant roof covering.

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Designed for use in through-wall applications or parapets, and available in 3 standard pipe sizes from 50mm to 110mm. The flange is available in various waterproofing membranes to suit the relevant roof covering and provides excellent coverage. With our standard 400mm or special 600mm spigot sizes, there is no ‘lip’ at the entrance to the spigot, reducing the risk of ‘ponding’ or standing water. Also available with a rectangular opening and square flange for specific applications.

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Consisting of 2 parts: the membrane flange on the lower outlet connects to the AVCL to create an effective seal at this crucial interface, while the upper outlet is a standard FloDrain fitted through the insulation and into the lower outlet, creating a watertight connection.

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Used for the same application as the ParaDrain, but much more efficient and powerful. It creates a suction effect to transfer water from the roof using a sump that the water flows into before entering the spigot – resulting in greatly enhanced flow rates and efficiency.

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FarBo leafguards

Leafguards to suit both vertical and parapet outlet applications.

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FarBo accessories

From pipe couplings to downspouts, we've got a wide range of accessories for our FarBo rainwater outlets.

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Technical support

Our technical team is on hand to help you at any stage of your project – from feasibility design through to final specification and tender. We can provide rainwater flow rate calculations to BS EN 12056:3-2000.

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