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IF your Site visit request is related to a Flat Roofing project.

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IF the site visit you are requesting is not flat-roofing related, then please use the form on this page to submit your details for one of our engineers to visit your site.

Please note: to access the form you will need to log in using your company account.

Once we receive the request, one of our engineers will be in touch to arrange a date. We normally expect to be able to visit your site within five working days.

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For flat roof pull tests on refurbishment projects, a “core sample” is normally taken to give access to the deck for testing.

In these cases, for the convenience of our customers, a temporary repair to the roof surface will be made by the Field Service Consultant.

Please note this does not constitute a “permanent waterproof repair” according to SPRA Guidance Note S15/19. It is the responsibility of the requesting contractor to make a permanent weathertight repair as a matter of urgency following the site test.

Fixfast cannot be held responsible for the weathertightness where such a test has been done.

*Please note proof testing is a chargeable service: £500 per day, up to a maximum number of fifty anchors tested per day. We can only test fasteners supplied by Fixfast.

Please enter your preferred visit date, and a second preferred option in case we are already fully booked on the first one.

Please enter if there is a specific reason why a site visit is required in less than five working days.

Building and application details

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Access and safe working

Please note that Fixfast do not provide or arrange height access equipment for testing. By requesting this service, you are assuming responsibility for providing safe and convenient access to the area(s) you require testing, in full compliance with current regulations and standards. Our field service consultants will not attempt to access any situation they consider unsuitable or unsafe, at their discretion. A fee of £250 + VAT may be charged for an abortive visit, at our discretion.

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