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Wind load calculation requests

Wind load calculation request form

Please note, we only provide wind load calculations for mechanically fixed and hybrid roofs.

Applicant Details

Project Information

Building design and context

Please specify the length, width and height of the adjacent structure, as well as the proximity to this roof.

Building geometry

Please note this is required in all cases if it is not a standard rectangular building. If a plan is uploaded, the below fields in the 'Building geometry' section aren't required.
If total file size is over 11MB, or you have more than 10 documents to upload, please send separate email to [email protected] with files attached, referencing the project name.

Plan dimensions can be provided on a scaled/dimensional drawing.

Roof construction

Fastener details

(Please leave blank if you would prefer us to specify the fastener. Fastener options and details are available here)

Insulation details

Please enter any additional information that may be useful, such as wind uplift requirements over BS EN 1991-1-4 e.g. airports, non-UK or Ireland sites.

Membrane details

Projects less than 100m2

You may print this page for your records.

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