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Author: Darren Fleck - Products Manager

The Fixfast façade support system: frequently asked questions

  • Read time: 4 minutes
  • Date: 13 Dec 2023
Take a look through the top questions we get asked about our façade support system

Do you have a BBA certificate?

We're currently in the process of gaining BBA (British Board of Agrément) approval on our complete façade support system. However, all components as part of this system are fully compliant with regulations and have been tested in accordance with current standards. Compliance is at the heart of our business, so all our products are rigorously tested to ensure they stand up to the highest standards of performance and quality.

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What certifications and approvals does your façade support system have?

The Fixfast façade support system has various approvals - within the individual components. Our SPIDI Max brackets are non-combustible according to DIN EN 4102-2, and the fasteners used within façade and rainscreen applications are ETA approved and CE marked.

We have CWCT testing due to be conducted during early 2024. Fixfast would welcome opportunities to collaborate with façade system producers and contractors on both system testing and project specific testing to CWCT standards.

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Can you provide façade calculations?

Yes, we can provide calculations and schematic drawings specifically for your project. Our technical team is dedicated to working closely with you to ensure a 'right product, right time, every time' approach, so we can give you what you need.

Need a quick cost? No problem, let us know and we can give you indicative costs for your pricing purposes.

Need an in-depth static load calculation including a U-value? No problem, fill out the form and our technical team will be in touch shortly.

Our technical team have many years of experience in this industry, so unlike many of our competitors, we aren't relying solely on software to create our calculations and schematics. We want you to have what you need as fast and as simply as possible.

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How competitive is your system?

We realise that our façade support system is unique and different to most other helping hand systems in the UK construction industry, so we can assure you that our 'one bracket for all applications' translates into a cost-effective and simpler system to use on-site, saving you hassle with lead times and extra hidden costs in the specificities of your project.

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Do you hold stock?

We understand the importance of product availability and hold stock of a range of common aluminium brackets (65mm to 300mm deep), and rails for delivery in 1-2 working days. Brackets and rails in other sizes, or in stainless steel material, can be delivered to you within just a 2-4 week lead time.

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How does it work in real life?

Take a look at some of the projects where our customers have used the Fixfast façade support system on-site.

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Holland Park, Glasgow

Do you partner with panel manufacturers to supply as part of a system?

We are always willing to consider partnering with panel manufacturers on the supply of our complete system. However, in our experience, most manufacturers allow designers to select the support system of their choice.

Our specialism is the façade support system and the relevant fastener systems to securely fix the façade from substrate to skin - including fastening insulation, and panel attachment.

We also stock and supply façade sealing membranes and adhesive, VCL (vapour control layer) membranes, jointing tape for membranes, and panel attachment adhesive systems.

Our façade support system meets the requirements specified by the majority of panel suppliers. Most panel manufacturers have information in their approval certification which clarifies the criteria a façade support system must comply with.

For some systems, there are specific panel mounting components that the manufacturers supply, and these are then mounted to a façade support system, chosen by the designer or installer.

What's the Chi value of your brackets?

In terms of thermal transmission, a chi value is a measure of the heat loss through a point thermal bridge - i.e. a localised area of the building fabric where the thermal resistance is significantly lower than the surrounding area. Chi values are expressed in Watts per Kelvin (W/K), and the higher the chi value, the greater the heat loss through the point thermal bridge.

Chi values are typically calculated using numerical modelling techniques, as they are difficult to measure directly. A value can sometimes be assigned to an individual bracket, but in our industry, the whole through-wall build-up; including all materials within the area, from the substrate to the support rail; need to be considered when assessing the thermal performance of the system.

Is the system fireproof?

None of the components (brackets, rails, and fasteners) are combustible, so using our façade support system supports the pursuit of an installation with an A1 graded classification for reaction to fire.

Our SPIDI Max brackets are non-combustible according to DIN EN 4102-2 - with the thermal pad on the bracket having a B1 reaction to fire classification.

Are self-drilling fasteners fire-resistant?

What sizes of brackets does your range include?

For wall cladding applications, we have a range of 26 bracket sizes between 65mm and 600mm deep, providing a wide range of cladding zone and cavity depths - from 80mm to 646mm. For soffit or ceiling applications, the range includes bracket lengths up to 900mm.

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Can you come to site?

Yes, when you need it, we can provide on-site support - including fixing tests. Our site technicians have many years of combined experience and have undergone training to gain the relevant Construction Fixings Association (CFA) qualifications.

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How is this better than other 'helping hand' systems in the market?

There's an overwhelming array of façade support systems out there, and we realise how difficult your decision may be.

In response to your questions, we've broken down how the Fixfast façade support system is unique when compared to other systems.

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Do you offer a rail-cutting service?

We currently offer rails in standard lengths of 3m and 6m, depending on your project needs.

We're fixing the brackets back to a top hat. Can you also provide the calculation for the top hat to the structure?

This part of the calculation would need to be undertaken by your structural engineers.

Can I still use you even if you aren't specified?

As the designer or engineer responsible for detailing the façade support system, you would know if there are any specific criteria included in a specification which a façade support system must comply with. The Fixfast façade support system has the approvals and certifications to meet prevailing standards and has our high-level of technical support - including load calculations.

What systems can we use your products in?

Our façade support system can be used within wall cladding systems, rainscreen cladding systems, soffit systems, and suspended ceiling systems; all in a wide variety of panel materials.

It's flexible and versatile - and can be configured and engineered to meet the requirements of a wide spectrum of applications.