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Profiled Filler Blocks

Our make-to-order filler block range is available to suit most profiles, sheets & panels available – cut to suit the exact dimensions of the profile, to bespoke manufacturer's specifications.

How do I order?

Due to the variety of panels, profiled filler blocks are made to order, so please contact us for a price once you have the following details.

1. Which grade of material do you require?

  1. V-grade: Polyethylene

  2. EPDM: Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer rubber

  3. EPDM faced Polyethylene

V-grade (cross linked closed cell foam) tends to be more popular as it is more economic, whereas EPDM rubber is a higher grade product, which is recommended for exposed locations. EPDM is also less likely to be degraded by bird or insect attack. EPDM faced polyethylene combines the two two give a higher grade filler whilst remaining cost effective.

Product Density (kg/m) Expected service life Temperature range (Celsius) Ultraviolet (UV) resistance Weathering resistance Ozone resistance
V-grade 33 Approx. 15 years -70 to +105 Good Very good Good
EPDM 100-150 Approx. 20+ years -56 to +70 Very good Very good Excellent

2. Which flute do you need?

Large flute - normally above the sheet or panel

Small flute - normally below the sheet

Pairs - both large and small flute

3. Which panel profile should the filler block suit?

We’ll need the manufacturer’s name, profile name and reference – so the filler block can be manufactured to the exact dimensions from the manufacturer’s specification.

4. How many do you need?

Please confirm the quantity in metres or pieces, in which case the length of the filler block will match the width of the panel.

5. Other options

Rake-cut fillers

Required where the sheet edge to be filled is at an angle. Please ensure you have the following information:

Pitch – the pitch of the roof

Plan angle – the angle of the edge as viewed from above (for gable ends, the pitch is enough)

L/H or R/H – which side of the angle the filler is to fit (50% handed for both left and right)

Self-adhesive fillers

Fillers can be supplied with a pre-applied self-adhesive tape or mastic strip sealant to aid positioning and sealing and save installers time on-site.

Please specify which sealant is required and order ‘mastic to base’, ’mastic to profile’ or ‘mastic all round’.

Self adhesive tape and mastic strip

Extended base fillers

For applications where a deeper base is required, fillers can be made with an extended base. Dimension ‘a’ must be specified when ordering, as standard this is 5mm.

Double profiled fillers

Fillers that are cut to match both the outer and inner sheet profiles. Both panel profiles and wall height dimension ‘b’ must be specified.

Ventilated fillers

Fillers can be ventilated to facilitate air flow in roof voids by means of v-cuts, crown cuts or holes, which can have mesh inserts or ferrules.

Side or block fillers

As a filler is cut or profiled to order, virtually any shape or block can be made. ‘Square section’ or ‘rectangular block’ are often ordered for side filler applications and ‘chamfered block’ can also be specified.

Fire resistant fillers

Made from high density rock wool, the filler blocks prevent the passage of flame and smoke through voids in metal cladding systems.