Profiled Filler Blocks

Filler blocks are used for sealing the cavities formed between profile sheet materials and flashings.



  • Available to suit any profile of sheet or panel
  • Cut to suit the exact dimensions of the profile to suit the manufacturer's specifications.

How to order

Due the large variety of panels,  profile filler blocks are made to order, so please call us on+44 (0) 1732 882387 or email with your enquiry. Please have the below information to hand when you call:


1 - Which grade of material do you require?


Profiled filler blocks are available in two different materials: V-GRADE, which is polyethylene or EPDM, which is an Ethylene Propylene Diene Monopmer rubber material. V-GRADE is the more popular and economic option used throughout the industry, whilst the EPDM rubber is a higher grade product. The key differences are outlined in the table below:


Product Density (kg/m) Expected service life Temperature range Ultraviolet (UV) resistance Weathering resistance Ozone resistance
V-GRADE 33 Approximately 15 years -70 to +105 Good Very good Good
EPDM 100 - 150 Approximately 20+ years -56 to +70 Very good Very good Excellent




2 - Which flute do you need?


Filler blocks are available as large flute (fits over the sheet), small flute (fits under the sheet) or pairs which are both large and small flutes supplied together.


3 - Which panel profile should the filler block suit?


Filler blocks are available to suit any profile sheeting or composite panels. Please confirm the manufacture and the manufactures panel reference, for example; 'Kingspan KS1000RW'. From this, we will obtain from their specifications the exact dimensions of the filler block.Filler blocks are available to suit sheeting or composite panel profile. Please confirm the panel manufacture, and their specific panel reference for example: 'Kingspan KS1000RW'. The filler block is then manufactured to the exact dimensions from the manufactures specification.


4 - How many do you need?


Please confirm the quantity in terms of length (meters) or pieces, in which case the length of the filler block will match the width of the panel. 

Additional options

1 - Rake-cut

Rake cut filler blocks are required where the sheet edge to be filled is at an angle. Please make sure you know the following information:

  • Pitch - the pitch of the roof
    Plan angle - the angle of the edge as from above (for gable ends, just the pitch is required)
    Left hand or right hand - which side of the angle the filler is to fit

The diagram shows the most common uses of for filler blocks and where rake cut fillers are required.

2 - Self-adhesive

Filler blocks can be supplied with a self-adhesive strip or mastic strip to aid positioning and sealing. Please specify which sealant is required and order 'mastic to base', 'mastic to profile', or 'mastic all round'.


3 - Extended base

Extended base filler blocks are used in applications such as composite panels where a deeper base is required. Please specify dimension 'a' (shown on the diagram) when ordering.

4 - Double profile

These are filler blocks that are cut to match both outer and inner sheet profiles, normally used in built-up systems. Please specify dimension 'B' (shown in the diagram) as well as the manufacturer's profile references for both panels.

5 - Ventilated

Filler blocks can be supplied ventilated to facilitate air flow in the roof void by means of 'v-cuts', 'crown cuts' or holes, which can have mesh inserts if required.

6 - Side, block or custom shapes

As well as matching specific sheet profiles, virtually any size or shape of the filler block material can be manufactured. Square section or rectangular block are often ordered for side filler applications, and chamfered blocks can be specified. Alternatively, email a drawing your requirements to and we'll provide you with a quotation.