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Specific application testing

Bespoke testing to suit your requirements
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Performance data for standard applications

We’ve completed extensive testing on our products to enable us to provide reliable performance data for most standard applications. Alongside the UKCA and CE markings we hold for a wide range of our products, we can advise you on application – backed up by our data.

Needing data for one of our fasteners?

Take a look at our individual product pages.

Project-specific requirements

If you’re needing additional data for non-standard applications, material thicknesses or grades not already covered by our ETAs or product data sheets, we are able to conduct bespoke testing to provide appropriate performance values relevant to the connection. After all, data oversights during construction can be costly.

As per the guidance from the Metal Cladding and Roofing Manufacturers Association (MCRMA), we can carry out specific application testing to verify product performance for actual on-site applications, on request - carried out in our own technical laboratory.
Other services

Rainwater calculations

Flow rate calculations for our FarBo roof drainage systems.

Wind load calculations

Typically for flat roofing projects, using our SureFast flat roofing fastener systems.


Calculating the quantity and spacing of the substructure rail and bracket system.

Pull-out tests & site visits

Book a visit to your project by one of our technical consultants.

Tapered fastener schemes

Optimum fastener requirements for varying thicknesses of insulation board.