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About our technical services
Best in class technical back up and support.

Our Technical Services

Our best in class technical back-up and support will help you every step of the way throughout your project with us.

Whether it's a new build at the design stage or a refurbishment project with a new roof or facade, we can visit your project and assist with advice, training, technical calculations, or specific on-site tests.

Meet the Technical Services Team






Our Technical team have a wide range of expertise and experience and can help to support you.  Whether you are working on a roofing project, looking at rainscreens or cladding, or need advice on height safety – they can help.

A range of technical services

On site support


We come to your site to assist with testing, product specification, and application support.


  • Pull out testing
  • Proof testing
  • On site product advice
  • All visits followed with a comprehensive report from our technical team


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Wind load calculation


Wind load calculations for flat roofs in accordance with Eurocode 1991-1-4, and using data according to ETAG 006 and EN 16002:2010.

Our wind load calculations take into account all the relevant factors such a building size, building type, openings, location, surrounding landscape and more.

We provide a clear and comprehensive which includes the roof fixing patterns for each roof zone, and for each component.


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Rainwater flow calculations


Rainwater flowrate calculations in accordance with the UK design standard BS EN 12056 : 3-2000.

Regulations require that rainwater is drained from a roof within a certain time to ensure that the roof does not contain more water than the structure can withstand.


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Facade calculations


The correct spacing of the bar and bracket system is essential to ensuring the structural security of a rainscreen facade system.

The weight of the panel, the wind load, building size, building height and many other factors all play a part in determining spacing and fastener requirements.

All calculations are carried out in accordance with the necessary regulations.


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Tapered scheme fastener selection


The varying thicknesses of tapered schemes mean that working out the correct fasteners required can be a tedious task.

Just fill out the form, upload your plan and we will get back to you with a list of all the correct fasteners and fastener quantities required for each insulation thickness.


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Specific application testing


We have done extensive testing on our fastener products and are able to provide reliable performance data for most standard applications.

However we recognise that every project is different, and there are often unique fastener applications.

We're equipped to test the application in out technical laboratory or on site, if required.


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When you order with us, our technical services come as standard. No additional fee.