Wind Load Calculations
Taking the pressure off you.

What are Wind Load Calculations?

The wind can put considerable force on a structure and there are many things that can affect that force and how the installation handles it.


Location, height, the size and shape of the building, whether the openings are large or small, the type of surrounding landscape and more. Leaving a roof fixing pattern to chance is a big risk, and over-specifying for the safety can significantly increase the cost to the contractor or client.


Fortunately, there are UK-specific European regulations which detail exactly how to arrive at a safe fixing pattern but are technically very complex.

Our Service

The technical team at Fixfast can carry out wind load calculations for flat roofing projects, providing results for the mechanical fixing of the membrane itself, the insulation, or both.


We will send you a full report via email.


The calculation report is clear and comprehensive showing roof fixing patterns by roof zone and for each component.


All calculations are in accordance with Eurocode 1991-1-4 and use data from testing according to ETAG 006 and EN 16002:2010.


How Do I Arrange a Wind Load Calculation?



Just give us a call for further information or fill out the windload calculation request form below. A friendly member of our team will be in touch within 24 hours (our offices are open Monday-Friday). 


Depending on the complexity of your project, the final calculations will be sent over to you within 48 hours, and a member of the technical team will be available to discuss the report in detail.