Fastener Manufacturing Cell

We have brought together the best manufacturing components from around the world to create one of the most advanced manufacturing and engineering environments in the UK construction industry.

Complete Engineered Rainscreen Support Systems

Our facade support systems are the complete engineered solution for securely fixing your rainscreen from substrate to skin. Watch the video to learn more about how we can help you.

SureFast Flat Roofing - Case Study

The SureFast Fastener System has been designed as an efficient and secure method of mechanically fixing flat roofs.  Find out more from site with ICS Industrial.

Sika-Tack Panel Adhesive - Case Study

The Sika-Tack Panel System is an adhesive system for the economic and concealed fixing of ventilated facade panel. The video shows an overview of a live installation of the system by expert contractor Keyclad LTD.

How to mechanically fix bituminous membranes

The NFRC's Safe2Torch campaign lists many scenarios where gas torches should not be used on flat roof installations. This animated video explains how to mechanically fix bitumen membranes when an installation using a gas torch isn't suitable.

Edgeguard Premium

The EdgeGuard™ Premium system is designed for use in a variety of green or ballasted roof applications, used either as an edge restraint, or where a solution for retaining or separating the roof garden materials is required.

SeamGrip Installation Tool Guide

How to use the SG-Universal Adapter tool to install SeamGrip fasteners.

FarBo Callipers for easy measurement of flat roof outlets

The FarBo Calliper – a tool that makes measuring for outlets in new build and refurbishment applications simple and straightforward.

Watch the DF25 fastener self-drill through 25mm steel

This fastener is manufactured from A4(316) series stainless steel and is designed for fixing composite panel systems back to the primary steelwork, due to it's ability to self drill and tap into steel up to 25mm thick.

Installation of the FO-CLICK leafguard

The easy solution to secure leaf guards - this video shows just how simple and effective this leaf grate is compared to economic alternatives.