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Author: Darren Fleck

Why are building envelope fasteners important?

  • Read time: 2 minutes
  • Date: 25 Jan 2022
  • Flat Roofing
  • Rainscreen & Façades
  • Sheeting & Cladding
What are building envelope fasteners used for?

Building envelope fasteners are small but critical components that are used to secure building elements such as roofing, sheeting and cladding materials to the substructure. They are essential for the structural security of the entire build, so should be designed to withstand the forces placed upon the structure over its lifetime. This means that if a building is intended to be used for 40 plus years or more, the fasteners should also be designed to last at least 40 years. This is because British Standard 7543:2015 states that fasteners should not be considered ‘replaceable’ or ‘maintainable’.

building envelope fasteners

Using the correct fasteners for the system, application and environment will also be essential if you require a warranty that spans the lifetime of the building.

Why is selecting the right building envelope fastener important?

Using the wrong building envelope fasteners or installing them incorrectly can have significant consequences. It can damage the fasteners or the materials they are fixing in to, which can lead to materials being scrapped, resulting in additional costs and delays while replacements are sourced.

Of course, not all fasteners that are incorrectly specified or damaged during installation get thrown away. Some get used and remain in place. This has implications on the performance of the fastener itself, the system it is fixing, and the weatherproofing. It can even result in the failure of the whole structure.

For this reason, you must select the right drillscrew for the application, environment and build-up and substrate materials. You must also install it correctly to ensure it provides the level of performance required.

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