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Rest assured that you’re in expert hands with a site visit from one of our technical team.


Our technical team are highly experienced and have been to over 6000 sites to carry out tests, so you know you are in capable hands.

What tests can you do?

 We can carry out a wide range of tests to check for product suitability and safety.


Our tests can establish reliable pull-out values and provide a report detailing exactly how a proposed Fixfast fastener will perform in the circumstances in which it is being used.


Tests include preliminary testing to advise you which fasteners to use and to check that the application is correct.


We can also give you face-to-face advice during a site visit, which can be far more valuable than an over the phone consultation.  This can be particularly helpful if you feel you need support or a demonstration of how to install a particular product.


We also offer proof testing after the installation to check the fixings are correct.

Who Will Visit Me?

 You can't always know everything about the job you're working on, particularly if it's a refurbishment project. That’s why an expert visiting your site from Fixfast can be very worthwhile.


You may be fixing into materials that have been there for years, and nobody knows how they will resist the stresses being put on them, and there could be many other reasons why it's impossible to know what to expect when fastening.


Fixfast's trained and experienced technical support staff can visit your site to perform the necessary tests to make sure that your fixings will last.


Together, the Technical team have over 130 years of combined experience and can answer questions on the results of the Site Visit Report, advise on the best fastener solution for your project, and guide your operatives on correct installation techniques and tools to obtain satisfactory results. 

How Do I Arrange a Visit?

Simple. Just give us a call or fill out the site visit request form below. A friendly member of our team will be in touch within 24 hours (our offices are open Monday-Friday). The site visit itself is usually arranged within 5 working days and you will receive your report following the visit within a further 24 hours.

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