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Author: Jack Mumford - Compliance Manager

Celebrating our achievement to EcoVadis Gold

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  • Date: 14 Mar 2024
The next step on our sustainability journey

We're excited to announce our achievement to EcoVadis Gold - putting us in the top 5% of companies who have achieved an EcoVadis certification. An industry-leading endorsement of our sustainability policies and performance, our EcoVadis Gold certificate demonstrates how we're contributing to the longevity of safer, long-lasting. and sustainable buildings - alongside reducing our impact on the environment and ensuring that Fixfast is operating ethically and sustainably.

What is EcoVadis?

EcoVadis is a widely known, well-respected organisation that offers trusted sustainability ratings to verify the environmental impact, considering multiple factors to assess how sustainably a company is operating.

To achieve an EcoVadis medal, an organisation must achieve above a minimum score across the four themes: Environmental, Ethics, Labour & Human Rights, and Sustainable Procurement.

Our re-certification puts us in the top 5% of organisations - a reflection of the quality of our sustainability system.

  • Platinum - Top 1% (99+ percentile)

  • Gold - Top 5% (95+ percentile)

  • Silver - Top 15% (85+ percentile)

  • Bronze - Top 35% (65+ percentile)

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What does this mean for me?

For you, our customers, our gold certification is a demonstration that our sustainability promise has never been stronger. You can rest assured that Fixfast are continuing this journey to becoming a more sustainable business. We're committed to providing fasteners and components that are built to last, so they contribute to longer-lasting, safer constructions, in a future where the safety of every building isn't questionable - it's assured.

Fixfast has joined well-known companies such as AirFranceKLM, Coca Cola, Hitachi and Saint-Gobain in choosing to partner with EcoVadis. As technology and best practice advances, we'll continue to re-assess our policies and processes to ensure we are as good as we can be. We believe it'll be increasingly important to our customers to partner with fastener manufacturers who demonstrate a sustainable business model.