Colours from Fixfast
Coloured fasteners, perfectly matched to your exact specification.

Lacquered fasteners

Fixfast lacquered fasteners are electro powder-coated with a high-grade polyester powder, which provides a safe, durable and exact colour matched finish.


  • Meets the requirements of BS EN 12206-1 and BS EN 13438.
  • Available in gloss, semi-gloss and matt finishes.
  • Proven corrosion and UV resistance.
  • Hundreds of colours available from BS, RAL (classic and design), Interpon and other ranges.
  • Colour matching service available for special requirement.
  • Electrostatic coating process prevents the head filling with paint and affecting the drivability of the fastener.

The powder coating process

Powder coating is a type of coating which is applied as a free-flowing, dry powder to metal materials.


The powder is applied to the fastener heads using an electrostatic gun. The gun imparts a positive charge to the powder, which is then applied to the fastener by compressed air spraying, and then accelerated to the fasteners by the electrostatic charge.


Once an even coating has been applied, the fasteners are heated, which causes the powder to melt into a uniform film. As the fasteners are cooled, this then hardens into a hard, durable coating; capable of withstanding the harshest weather conditions for years to come.


Lacquered product range

Moulded head fasteners

Fixfast's MatchFast® moulded fasteners are manufactured from impact-resistant nylon, with reinforced glass fibre for durability.


  • Around 100 RAL and BS colours are held in stock.
  • Moulded in-house by Fixfast in the UK.
  • UV and weather-resistant to prevent colour fading.

MatchFast moulded head fastener range

System manufacturers colour range matching

Fixfast works closely with leading manufacturers of roofing, cladding and facade systems. We are able to match exactly the popular colours from their system colour ranges, but if you have a specific custom colour requirement, then please submit the details below.

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