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Author: Fixfast Marketing

We've gained CCPI verification on our 5 main product ranges

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  • Date: 04 Apr 2024
Underscoring our commitment to product data accountability

We're pleased to announce that we've gained CCPI verification on 5 of our main product ranges:

Having started the journey mid-2023, the fact we now have 5 CCPI verified product ranges is a testament to a team that's committed to a future where product data is how it needs to be: clear, accurate, up-to-date, accessible, and unambiguous.

"The CCPI assessment process, although rigorous and rightly so, is very user friendly. The team at CCPI are very helpful and responsive, and I would encourage every manufacturer in the construction industry to get involved. For us, the work we have been doing over many years on our product literature, product accreditation and our internal training has paid dividends, and I would like to thank the directors and the whole team at Fixfast for their commitment to doing the right thing every day." - Jack Mumford, Compliance Manager at Fixfast.

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