Halcyon Way School - A Fixfast Case Study

Halcyon Way School

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Project Details
Architect: JMA Architects
Location: Oldham
Main contractor: Tilbury Douglas
Sub contractor: Decron Ltd
Completion Date: 24 Dec 2021
The new Halcyon Way school was constructed for the community in Oldham - a Special Educational Needs (SEN) school for just over 150 children to grow, learn and develop in a caring and encouraging way.


Metal roofing and cladding contractor Decron Ltd were contracted to provide the façade for the new school. Turning to Fixfast for a solution for the support system to secure the façade, we assisted with the intricacies of the project itself - including the large letters that spell out 'Halcyon Way School' at the front of the building.


We were able to provide a detailed façade calculation for Decron, which included details and advice on using our SPIDI® Max bracket and rail support system for the wall façade.

SPIDI Max is a one-bracket design system that emphasises strength and simplicity - just one bracket can be used in vertical or horizontal applications and can be used for both fixed and sliding points within a façade.

The brackets are available in a range of sizes to allow for contoured elevations, and to accommodate a range of cladding zone/cavity depths - from 80mm to 600mm in wall applications, and up to 946mm in soffit applications.

Supplied in aluminium or stainless steel to cover a wide range of applications, the unique ribbed bracket design puts strength and ease of use first.

“Decron extends its sincere appreciation to Fixfast for their invaluable support. Your expertise in providing a detailed façade calculation and guidance on utilising the SPIDI® Max bracket has been instrumental in the project's success. Fixfast's commitment to excellence and innovation reflects the high standards we uphold in our collaborations. Thank you for being a crucial part of our team.”
Ian Wallbank Director, Decron Roofing & Cladding