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About Fixfast

Our values

Our culture in six simple words

Reliability, Simplicity, Decency, Service, Collaboration and Progress

Our values are not just a set of words, they're part of our DNA. They underpin the decisions we make day to day and define who we are as a company. They gave rise to our promise of maximum reliability, minimum fuss - serving as a measure to keep us on track.
Maximum Reliability

We do what we say and you can rely on us. Customers use us because we make things happen.

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Minimum Fuss... Simplicity

Customers routinely say we make their jobs easier. We don't like to overcomplicate or use needless jargon; life is complicated enough.

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Decency... being nice

Quite simply: we care. We respect each other and our customers - which translates into the service our customers receive, and the culture we enjoy at work.

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Service... we want to serve others

Providing the best service is always our priority. Our customers often need more than just a product, so our caring friendly team provide technical advice and support too.

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Collaboration...or teamwork

It's important that we work with our counterparts across the sector - ensuring our products are compatible with their products, for the construction of better, safer buildings.

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Progress...becoming better

Becoming better means better outcomes for everyone - that's why we invest in training and skills for our people. The better we become, the more we have to offer.

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About Fixfast

Simple, honest, on-time, quality service.

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How we're reducing our impact on the environment.

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Our Story

From humble roots: learn how far we've come in 45 years.

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Our products

Our ongoing commitment to quality.

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Discover a few of the team here at Fixfast.

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UK Manufacturing

Our cutting-edge fastener production.

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