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About us
From our history to our teams and latest innovations

Our Mission


Maximum Reliability, Minimum Fuss


At Fixfast, we believe there is a better way to manufacture and supply to the building envelope sector. A more valuable, helpful way where customers are educated and informed in their purchases and given first-class technical support throughout the project.


We're obsessively passionate about it, and our mission is to help people build beautiful and high-quality buildings that comply with regulations.


Our focus and expertise lies in manufacturing and supplying high-class specialist building fasteners and components for the exteriors and roofs of a wide range of buildings. We know it can be over complicated, so we're excited to simplify the building envelope for everyone through our education, expert advice, and community.


Our motto is ‘Maximum Reliability, Minimum Fuss’ – and we really do mean it. Our promise to customers is that you can rely on us to bring you not just the products you need – but the technical advice too – exactly when you need it.  


At Fixfast, we want to give you absolute peace of mind – top quality reliable products, expert advice, and excellent service.  No added fuss.