Facade Support System
Durable aluminium bar and bracket support system for facades


Fixfast façade support includes a range of aluminium bars and brackets to support a wide variety of façade and rainscreen finishes. Façade support is a durable, lightweight solution manufactured from 6106 aluminium with a strength of 250 MPA allowing it to support large centre spans. It is available from stock.

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Designed to be different

Thermal bridging break


Manufactured from a reinforced synthetic material with low thermal conductivity to prevent heat loss, save energy and increase sound insulation within the building.

Prevents water infiltration


Designed to ensure constant ventilation thanks to the air gap which prevents moisture from impregnating the insulation system

High stress tolerance


Bracket angles are reinforced to ensure resistance to mechanical stress.

Ready to install


Brackets are pre-assembled with the thermal break, which helps cut installation time and reduces the risk of losing components on-site.

Facade support brackets

Fixfast façade support brackets are designed to fix façades and rainscreens to the substrate using Fischer Anchors. Brackets are available in two sizes and incorporate fixed holes and sliding points to allow for installation in line with the technical specification for the façade or rainscreen panels. Spring clamps on the brackets allow for easy vertical adjustment of the chosen bar profiles.

Preassembled thermal bridge breakers are positioned at the bracket base to:


  • Break the thermal bridge between the aluminium structure and the building
  • Break the thermal bridge between the anchor and fixture bracket
  • Prevent electrolytic coupling between the fixtures and the aluminium structure

Facade support bar

Fixfast façade support bars are available with either an L profile for creating internal and external corners or a T profile for supporting facade panels in the field areas of the building envelope.


T bars are available in two widths to suit the majority of rainscreen panel applications.

Technical support

Based on the location and structure of your building, our in-house technical team will undertake substrate and wind load calculations to determine the exact support system you require. We can give you the technical datasheets and CAD files you need to be sure of delivering safe, secure and durable rainscreens.

You can contact us at any stage of your project, from feasibility design through to final specification. The earlier you involve our technical team, the more we can help.
We will ask you to share a few important details of your proposed project with us, including:


  • Building plans/elevations for the rainscreen
  • Substrate material and thickness
  • Your chosen face panels
  • Your chosen insulation
  • Your preferred bar profile for the substructure

Using the information you provide and our extensive test data, our expert team will undertake wind load and substrate calculations to determine the optimal rainscreen support system for your application. Where required, we will carry out on-site pull tests to confirm the structural suitability of your chosen system with the available substrate.

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