Facade & Rainscreen

Bar and Bracket Range

Versatile engineered support system for Façades and Rainscreens

Based on the specific demands of your project, we will put together a package of best-in-class components - including substrate fasteners, the substructure and facade fasteners - so you can deliver cost-effective, compliant, secure and durable rainscreens for your clients.

Every Fixfast rainscreen support system is backed up by a comprehensive service offering designed to help you at any stage of your project, informed by over 45 years of fastening engineering experience.

System Overview

Highly versatile

The SPIDI® Light system can be configured for any façade project including sloping façades and curved structures, whatever the substrate, cladding material or insulation thickness.

Easier to install correctly

Brackets are pre-assembled with Thermostop and the system is configured to ensure quick, easy, accurate and safe installation while minimising the need to cut insulation to size.

Speed of installation

Brackets and bars can be clipped together prior to fixing, which together with the unique fixing layout, speeds up installation while maintaining the accuracy required for structural security.

Cost effective

Thanks to a broad range of bracket sizes, fewer brackets are needed per square meter ensuring maximum quality and performance for minimum cost.

Reduces thermal bridging

Thermostop is manufactured from a reinforced synthetic material with low thermal conductivity to prevent heat loss, save energy and increase sound insulation within the building.

Third-party accredited

SPIDI® Light is EN 1090-1 certified for the constancy of performance of steel and aluminium components for structural use and has ISO Management Systems for quality (9001) and environmental (14001).

Why have we partnered with Slavonia?

Fixfast and Slavonia are natural partners because we share a commitment to technical excellence, an engineering-led approach, and are both leaders in our respective fields.  


As market leaders, Slavonia’s SPIDI® Light system is already used across Europe with all the leading OEM façade and rainscreen systems. This tried and tested solution not only delivers exceptional performance, it is highly versatile and can be configured to meet your exact requirements, regardless of cladding material and substrate. It is safe, durable and easy to install, and is backed-up by extensive third party accreditation.

Widest range of support brackets on the market

SPIDI® Light brackets are designed to fix façades and rainscreens to the substrate using Fixfast Drillfast Stainless fasteners or Fischer anchors. The system features three brackets sizes which can be configured to reduce the total number required – delivering maximum performance for minimum cost.


Fixed points are incorporated in the large and medium brackets and sliding points in the medium and small brackets. The combination of both a fixed and sliding point in the medium brackets reduces the need for storing multiple elements on site and reduces the risk of installation errors.


Spring clips allow installers to temporarily join profiles and brackets together - adjustments to the substructure can then be made before the SPIDI® wall brackets and support profiles are joined with Fixfast rivets or drillscrews. This increases the speed of installation while maintaining the accuracy required for structural security of the façade or rainscreen panels.


Thermal breaks are incorporated at the bracket base to:

  • Break the thermal bridge between the aluminium structure and the building
  • Break the thermal bridge between the anchor and fixture bracket
  • Prevent electrolytic coupling between the fixtures and the aluminium structure


Façade support bars for any system design

SPIDI® Light includes two profiled support bars to create a single layer system, which can be installed horizontally or vertically to suit the façade design.


The system features L profiles to create internal and external corners and T profiles for supporting panels in the field areas of the building envelope. Profiles are grooved to ensure quick and accurate installation.


Technical support

Our in-house technical team works closely with Slavonia’s structural engineers to provide you with comprehensive technical support for your project. We will take time to understand the exact requirements of your project including:

  • Building plans/elevations for the rainscreen including the area that needs to be covered
  • Substrate material and thickness
  • Your chosen face panels
  • Your chosen insulation (dimensions including slab size and depth)
  • Preference for a one or two layer system (if not determined by the build-up)


We then undertake the following calculations depending on your requirements:

  • Substrate and wind load calculations to determine the configuration and fixing pattern for the SPIDI® Light façade support system
  • 3D U-Value calculations to EN ISO 10211, which are the most accurate way to ensure the build-up meets the required thermal performance without thermal bridging.
  • Fire rating tests in line with [more details required]
  • On-site pull tests to confirm the structural suitability of your chosen system with the available substrate


We will then give you the technical datasheets and CAD files you need to be sure of delivering safe, secure and durable rainscreens. This will include guidance so you can quickly interpret the technical information, so your team are ready to install the system on site.


You can contact us at any stage of your project, from feasibility design through to final specification. The earlier you involve our technical team, the more we can help.