Facade and Rainscreen

Industry Overview


The SPIDI® system gives you complete design flexibility and complete confidence – confidence in terms of both its engineering and its compliance.

  • It works with any substrate, panel or rainscreen material, and allows for any installation configuration.  Put simply, it works in any application.
  • It meets all the necessary standards and compliance requirements.
  • It allows for cost effective installations thanks to the cost of the system itself, and through efficiencies when your installers are on site.
  • And it’s backed up by exceptional levels of technical and customer support from Fixfast.

We’re setting a new standard for fixing façades with the SPIDI® System. 

System Overview

Highly versatile

The SPIDI® system can be configured for any rainscreen façade project including sloping façades and curved structures, whatever the substrate, cladding material or insulation thickness.


The SPIDI® system is compliant with all current regulations and standards, including CE marking to EN 1090 and has ISO Management Systems for quality (9001) and environmental (14001).

Speed of installation

The system is configured to ensure quick and easy installation while maintaining the accuracy required for structural security.

Cost effective

Thanks to a broad range of bracket sizes, fewer brackets are needed per square meter ensuring maximum quality and performance for minimum cost.

Reliable technical advice

Our technical team works closely with Slavonia’s engineers to undertake all the calculations and drawings you need quickly and accurately and provide you with technical advice you can trust.   

Fast turnaround

From indicative costs within 48 hours, full schematic drawings and quotes within 10 days, and even next day delivery on the SPIDI® Light System, we have the set-up you need to keep your project moving.

Suitable for any substrate

Masonry wall
Steel framing system
Composite panel
Timber frame


Fixfast has partnered with Slavonia, the manufacturer of SPIDI® – Europe’s leading façade support system – because our two companies share a commitment to technical excellence, an engineering-led approach, and a dedication to customer service. Slavonia was established in Austria in 1893 and launched its SPIDI® façade system in 1980.  Similarly, Fixfast products have been holding buildings together since 1975.

This is a best-in-class partnership that combines Fixfast’s leadership in building envelope fasteners and Slavonia’s leadership in façade support systems. It is backed up by Fixfast’s commitment to delivering outstanding technical support and customer service.

COMPLETE FLEXIBILITY: A system for any application

SPIDI® is a highly flexible support system for any type of rainscreen façade, regardless of cladding material and substrate. It is available in three ranges:

SPIDI® Light

SPIDI® Light has been designed with steel frame systems in mind. Strong and lightweight, it is ideal for new build projects in the UK. Brackets are available in steel or aluminium, in either small, medium or large widths, and with depths of between 40mm and 300mm. It also has an adapter which means the system can be used for horizontal applications.

SPIDI® Heavy

SPIDI® Heavy has been engineered for particularly heavy loads. This means it is suited for the slab-to-slab fixing often required on façade refurbishments where poor quality masonry infills mean the system must be able to span long distances. SPIDI® Heavy brackets are available in aluminium with depths of between 60mm and 270mm.


SPIDI® Max offers maximum flexibility in terms of fixing to different substrates and the attachment of different rainscreen materials. Its bars and brackets allow for both vertical and horizontal installation configurations and are engineered with fixed and sliding points to accommodate expected movement in the façade.


With brackets up to 900mm available, the system can be used for soffits, and easily copes with the heavy weight of rainscreen façades that other systems can’t. SPIDI® Max brackets are available in a range of sizes to allow for contoured elevations and to accommodate insulation thicknesses of between 65mm and 900mm deep. They are available in aluminium, coated steel, or stainless steel (either A2 or A4 grade).

COMPLETE CONFIDENCE: Engineered for compliance and safety

The SPIDI® system has been tested in compliance with current standards and regulations, and is third party accredited to give you peace of mind. This includes CE marking to EN1090, as well as ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certification.

None of the components are combustible, so it supports the pursuit of an A1 reaction to fire classification graded installation.

It also ensures secure attachment using Fixfast’s certified fasteners and anchors, a pre-mounted Thermostop, and SPIDI® washer plates. All components are manufactured from high quality aluminium coated steel, or A1 or A2 stainless steel for long-term durability and strength.

COMPLETE EFFICIENCY: Optimised for speed and cost

When you’re installing thousands of square meters of façade, small savings add up to big benefits. As a result, SPIDI® components have been designed and packaged to make installation on site easier and quicker. 

  • The support bars are available with either plain profiles or with grooves which make perfect alignment during installation extremely simple.
  • Horizontal adaptors come pre-assembled with a fastener, which removes the need for additional top hats when fixing to SFS, and makes fixing easy – even for an unskilled labourer.
  • Brackets are pre-assembled with Thermostop, which prevents thermal bridging, and the system is designed to minimise the need to cut insulation to size.
  • Brackets and bars can be clipped together prior to fixing, allowing adjustments to the substructure to be made before they are fastened into place.
  • The relative strength of the SPIDI® Light small bracket, backed up by reliable structural and wind load calculations, means we can devise a layout plan for the substructure that gives you the strength you need with minimal material use, thereby optimising costs.

THE SERVICE: Fixfast-grade

Our business is built on an absolute commitment to delivering outstanding customer service. So, the SPIDI® system is backed up by the Fixfast-grade technical and customer support that our customers have come to expect as standard.

We offer all our façade customers Full Project Lifecycle Support. This means you can count on a close partnership from when you first pick up the phone to us, to when the last panel is installed. This includes:

Project tender and planning

We know that sometimes all you need is a quick, indicative cost.  Our sales and technical teams will speak to you about your project, and provide a cost estimate within 48 hours.

If you decide to move forward with a more detailed quote request, our in-house technical team will work closely with Slavonia’s structural engineers to provide you all the detail you need. We will take time to understand the exact requirements of your project including:

  • Building plans/elevations for the rainscreen including the area that needs to be covered
  • Substrate material and thickness
  • Your chosen insulation (dimensions including slab size and depth)
  • Your chosen face panels

Design and calculations

We will then undertake structural and wind load calculations before providing you with full schematic drawings, your bill of quantities and quote – all within 10 days. Unlike many of our competitors, we don’t rely solely on software to do our calculations and schematics. This ensures you benefit from greater accuracy as well as a fast turnaround.

We can provide you with product samples for your own customers and can collaborate on any project-specific testing that may be required.

Installation and completion

Once you have placed your order, you will receive full CAD drawings, data sheets and assembly plans within 10 days of your order being processed. We can also provide on-site pull tests if required.

If questions arise during installation, you (or your façade consultant) can expect the right technical support from our teams, who are available from 8am to 5pm Monday to Friday. We can also provide you with Toolbox talks and site set-up guidance to help you avoid any installation-related issues.

Available when you need it

We understand the importance of product availability, so we hold stock of SPIDI® Light here in the UK – that means we can guarantee next day delivery if you need it. SPIDI® Max and SPIDI® Heavy can be delivered to you with a 3 to 4 week lead time.

Ultimately by choosing the SPIDI® system from Fixfast, you also get all the technical support you need to ensure you can deliver compliant, secure rainscreens on time, every time.