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Minimum Fuss

We made buying online even easier.

Our new online portal helps you stay organised. With the new upgraded Dashboard in My Account, you can see all your orders and the status of them, wherever you are. is mobile friendly, so you can order on your phone or iPad and see confirmation of your order in My Account.

Shop online for a smooth digitally smart service. With My Account, you can easily manage your orders.

Super simple to use. No fuss.

Why shop online?

In most cases, you can check out in 10 minutes or less.


Shopping online lets you see all your options. Compare products, see your pricing, and compare products in your favourites list.  You can build a favourites list just by clicking ‘Add to favourites’ when you see a product you like.


Buying online gives you greater control. Orders are automatically processed, and your data is completely safe with our secure online shopping system.

Buy online and you can:

  • Reorder an item with just a click
  • View your order history
  • Track your order
  • Buy items you’ve favourited from the Dashboard
  • View and get copies of your invoices
  • Order anytime – not just in office hours


You can also download the datasheets you need online for products you’ve bought, straight from your order history.