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Site Tests

You can't always know everything about the job you're working on, particularly if it's a refurbishment project. You may be fixing into materials that have been there for years, and nobody knows how they will resist the stresses being put on them, and there could be many other reasons why it's impossible to know what to expect when fastening.

Fixfast's trained and experienced technical support staff can visit your site to perform the necessary tests, for example, we can carry out tests to establish reliable pull-out values and provide a report detailing exactly how a proposed Fixfast fastener will perform in the circumstances in which it is being used.


Wind load calculations

The Wind can put considerable force on a structure and there are many things that can affect that force and how the installation handles it.

Location, height, the size and shape of the building, whether the openings are large or small, the type of surrounding landscape and more. Leaving a roof fixing pattern to chance is a big risk, and over specifying for the safety can significantly increase the cost to the contractor or client.

Fortunately, there are UK-specific European regulations which detail exactly how to arrive at a safe fixing pattern but are technically very complex.

The technical team at Fixfast can carry out wind load calculations for flat roofing projects, providing results for the mechanical fixing of the membrane itself, the insulation, or both.

The calculation report is clear and comprehensive showing roof fixing patterns by roof zone and for each component.

All calculations are in accordance with Eurocode 1991-1-4 and use data from testing according to ETAG 006 and EN 16002:2010.

Tapered schemes

Using tapered insulation to create falls on a flat roof is still a common occurrence because it reduces the amount of work required in building a fall into the roof structure or deck. The only disadvantage it that the varying insulation thicknesses may mean you need a lot of different length fasteners.

But this doesn’t need to be complicated. If you can send us your plan of the tapered insulation scheme, we will work out the optimum fastener requirements for the different thicknesses of insulation. We will send you a list of the tube washers and fasteners, clearly labelled to match the different insulation zones marked on your plan.

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Rainwater calculations

Regulations require that rainwater is drained from a roof within a certain time to ensure that the roof does not contain more water than the structure can withstand.

The requirements differ depending on the location of the building, the roof pitch and the overall roof area. It would be easy with roof drainage outlets to do both under specify – which could damage to the building – or over specify - using unnecessary installation time and money.

Fixfast roof outlets have all been tested for their flow rates and the technical department can carry out rainwater flow rate calculations that will provide you with a scheme in accordance with the UK design standard BS EN 12056 : 3-2000.

Image of rainwater calculation programme

Specific application testing

While every site and every application are different, some construction components can and should be consistent. That means that for many standard applications, we can provide data on how our products will perform because we have tested them thoroughly and rigorously in standardised conditions in our technical zone.

If an application is non-standard we can often replicate this in-house, which means we can carry out the test under controlled conditions and using the equipment in our tech zone. If you require a specific application test then please contact the technical team on +44 (0)1723 882387 or

Product training and demonstrations

We’re committed to being at the forefront of development in our industry, and this means that we are constantly training our team about new products and new methods of work.

We also offer this training to our customers and partners, and our technical team will visit your premises or construction site to demonstrate and train site operatives of how to use new products. Alternatively if you an architect, we offer RIBA accredited CPD seminars - click below to learn more.

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