Tapered Scheme Fastener Selection
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What are Tapered Fastener Calculations?

Tapered Scheme Fastener Calculations are a calculation showing the optimum tube and fastener to be used for securing tapered insulation on a flat roof.


Using tapered insulation to create falls on a flat roof is a common occurrence because it reduces the amount of work required in building a fall into the roof structure or deck. It’s a popular option as it is compatible with many different roof types, and typically tends to be lighter than other types of insulation. 


As it is specially shaped, it allows contractors to easily create falls in the roof to ensure that rainwater runs off the roof and avoid standing water or ponding to occur on the roof, which will lead to damage to the roof.

What makes tapered insulation the best solution? 

 In simple terms, the aim of a tapered roof insulation system is to reduce or eliminate the amount of standing water on the membrane when the roof deck can’t provide an adequate slope.


Incorporating tapered insulation into a flat roof allows appropriate water channelling to drainage outlets, and reduces the risk of standing water. It also negates the requirement of a structural fall, which helps reduce the overall cost of the roof and installation time – a big advantage.


However, varying insulation thicknesses will mean you need a lot of different length fasteners, and it can get confusing trying to calculate exactly which fasteners you need to hold the insulation (and the membrane, if applicable) in place.

Our Service

 Tapered scheme fastener calculations don’t need to be complicated.


We can work out the optimum fastener requirements for the different thicknesses of insulation for your project. Just send us your plan of the tapered insulation scheme, and advise us of the structural deck.  You will receive a full report by email.


The report will contain a list of the tube washers and fasteners, clearly labelled to match the different insulation zones marked on your plan.


The list generated will be made in accordance with recommended best practice and industry guidance.

How do I arrange a calculation for my project?

Simple. Just give us a call or fill out the request form below. A friendly member of our team will be in touch within 24 hours (our offices are open Monday – Friday). Depending on the complexity of your project, the final calculations will be handed over to you within 48 hours, and a member of the technical team will be available to discuss the findings in detail if needed.

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