Strip sealants and tapes

High performance tapes and sealants for roofing, cladding and facade systems


Sealing products play an important role in keeping the building air and water tight in line with increasingly stringent regulations for air sealing and thermal performance.


Fixfast offers an extensive range of high quality strip and tape sealants designed for isolating, joint and gap filling, thermal bridge protection, and sealing trim and flashing. Used together, Fixfast’s strip and tape sealants create a complete, efficient sealing solution for industrial roofing and cladding applications.

Designed to be different

Fixfast strip sealants are manufactured from butyl rubber, which is compounded with selected fillers and plasticisers, to create a fast and effective seal for lap joints. Strip sealants are extremely strong and flexible, which allows them to accommodate movement, such as the expansion and contraction of metal.

The range includes a strip sealant that complies with Building Regulations Approved Document Part L. Intumescent strip sealants, which are tested in accordance with BS476 Part 22 1987 and can provide 30 minute fire and smoke resistance, are available.

Fixfast Class A strip sealants are suitable for sealing in the following roofing and cladding applications:


  • Side and end laps in steel and aluminium external metal sheeting
  • End laps in metal liner sheeting
  • Rooflights
  • Metal flashings
  • Ridges and eaves in combination with foam fillers
  • Penetrations to roof and wall cladding
  • Joints in vapour control layers

Code Explainer

Fixfast offers an extensive range of premium tape products which provide a weather seal by adhering to the substrate when compressed. This highly versatile range includes foam, flashing and self-adhesive tapes. Specialist products include:


  • A cross-linked closed cell polyethylene self-adhesive foam tape which creates a thermal break for panel applications
  • A self-adhesive PVC tape, recommended for isolating dissimilar metals, such as aluminium sheets from steel purlins, to prevent electrolytic reaction
  • A heavy duty reinforced tape suitable for use with a tape gun

Fixfast tapes are suitable for the following roofing, cladding and façade applications, including:


  • Isolating
  • Jointing
  • Vapour sealing
  • Repairs
  • Weatherproofing

Product specification

When specifying strip sealant, it is important to refer to the sheeting manufacturer’s guidance regarding the grade and size of strip sealant, as well as the positioning details.

Where such recommendations are not available, MCRMA technical paper No.16 outlines the following guidance for best practice for sealing end laps:


Use 5mm x 6mm strip sealant where 3mm x 9mm has traditionally been used - extensive testing has proved that 3mm x 9mm is inadequate to seal to the standard required.
6mm bead is also approved, but 5mm x 6mm is preferred due to better stability and greater surface area.
Strip sealant thinner than 5mm will not touch both sheets in the variable conditions of site application, and has less compressibility to even out the variations.

Technical support

Fixfast’s technical team is on hand to provide advice if you need support specifying the right strip sealant.

All Fixfast strip sealants comply with NFRC technical bulletin No 36 , which states that materials must pass stringent quality tests to be suitable for use in sheeting and cladding. These tests include:


  • Adhesion before and after accelerated ageing
  • Resistance to slump and creep
  • Water resistance
  • Force to compress by 20%
  • Shear strength before and after ageing

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