RyMar® vents for flat roofs

Highly effective vent pipe covers for flat roofs


RyMar® vent pipe covers create a watertight flashing of the roofing membrane where the pipe penetrates a flat roof, and an airtight extension of the soil pipe above the roof. Available for both bituminous and polymeric roofing membranes, they are easy to install, and designed to save contractors time and money.

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RyMar vent pipe covers

Designed to be different



Suitable for use on new build or refurbishment applications.



Designed to enhance the look of any project and can be used to conceal unsightly pipes.

Superior weatherproofing


O-ring seal provides an effective seal against the existing vent pipe, while the membrane flange is factory bonded to the cowl preventing any water ingress

Membrane matching


Bitumen and PVC membrane flanges available from stock to suit almost any waterproofing membrane.



The cowl is manufactured from highly durable A2/304 stainless steel for corrosion resistance.

Easy installation


No special tooling required, and easily installed by and any competent flat roofer.


The range includes two types of vent pipe covers, the RM-VENT and the RM-IMVENT.


RyMar RM-VENT twin-skin pipe cover

RyMar® RM-VENT features a twin-skin stainless steel cover to protect and conceal unsightly pipes on refurbishment projects. The internal pipe sits within the vent pipe and is fitted with an O-ring seal to provide a watertight seal.

It can be simply installed over the top of an existing vent pipe, and the membrane flange is bonded to the waterproofing membrane.

With a height of between 335mm and 600mm above the membrane, RyMar® RM-VENT provides ventilation for most applications. It features a stainless steel weather cowl to protect against rainwater and airborne debris.

RyMar IMVENT insertion pipe covers

RyMar® IMVENT are a single skin stainless steel vent pipe cover. It is similar to the RM-VENT, but instead of fitting over a vent pipe, requires the installer to cut the vent pipe down to the finished roof level. The spigot of the IMVENT is inserted into the vent pipe, and the membrane flange is bonded to the waterproofing membrane.

It features a 300mm high sleeve to ensure good ventilation and an ‘O’ ring which creates an effective seal against vapours. It can be supplied for use with bituminous and polymeric roofing membranes.

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