DuraMet® cleats and fasteners

DuraMet product range
High quality cleats and fasteners for Fully Supported Metal Roofing and Cladding


DuraMet® is a high quality range of cleats and fasteners for securing hard metal roofing and cladding systems. They have been designed to create a versatile yet simple fixing system that gives architects and contractors the freedom to deliver a range of finishes, from dramatic standing seam cladding to traditional long strip roofing.

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Designed to be different



Unobtrusive design ensures DuraMet® cleats are suitable for use with a wide variety of cladding and roofing materials including copper, stainless steel, zinc, aluminium and other materials.

Corrosion resistance


Manufactured from A2 grade stainless steel to offer high resistance to corrosion and eliminate the potential for galvanic corrosion.

Ease of installation


Designed to be quick and easy to install

DuraMet Cleats

DuraMet® Standard Cleat range is manufactured from high-grade A2/304 stainless steel. They are available in 0.4mm and 0.6mm gauge, depending on the contractor’s preference: however, on larger roofs, or those with a high wind loading, the thicker 0.6mm gauge should be used. The sliding component of the 0.6mm sliding cleats is 0.4mm gauge.


Standard cleats are available with a flat base with either pre-punched holes or pre-formed countersunk holes.

DuraMet fasteners

Whether you are fixing roofing to ply or decorative cladding to a steel skinned composite panel, there is a fastener to suit your needs. Fixfast offers a wide range of fasteners to fix DuraMet® cleats including self-tapping fasteners, woodscrews and nails.


Application Performance Fastener
Fixing to a plywood deck Applications with lower wind / design values Stainless steel ring shank nails
Fixing to a plywood deck Applications where wind / design loadings require a higher pull-out performance Stainless steel countersunk woodscrews
Fixing to thin steel or aluminium deck Fasteners available for all wind / design loadings DrillFast® Stainless DFX fastener