Cartridge sealants

Cartridge Sealants
For roofing, cladding and facade applications


Fixfast offers a comprehensive range of cartridge sealants and accessories to ensure the thermal insulation, air sealing and weatherproofing of sheeting and cladding systems. Cartridge sealants offer a clean and efficient method of filling joints and gaps, and sealing trims and flashings. Construction foam is available for filling larger gaps.

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Fixfast cartridge sealants: suitable for multiple applications

Fixfast cartridge sealants are a market-leading range of products designed for air sealing and weatherproofing. Typical applications include:


  • Sealing metal sheeting and cladding
  • Sealing gutters, flashings and butt strap joints
  • Bedding applications
  • Sealing of firewalls
  • Sealing to concrete, masonry, bitumen and lead work.


High performance cartridge sealants

All of the products in Fixfast’s cartridge sealant range are designed to quickly, easily and effectively fill gaps and seal joints in sheeting and cladding systems. The cartridge sealant product range includes:


  • Silicone sealants for easy application to unbonded surfaces
  • Wide range of BS and RAL colours
  • High-quality solvent-release bedding sealants made from butyl rubber blended with fillers and polymers or synthetic rubber polymer to ensure pliability after curing
  • Acrylic based sealant for use in fire wall construction
  • Multi-use sealant for use on problem surfaces such as bitumen and lead

Fast and effective construction foam

Construction foam is invaluable in many applications where larger gaps must be filled. It cures on contact with humidity to form a semi-rigid cellular structure which is weatherproof and will not rot. Construction foam products include:


  • Single component polyurethane foam
  • Single component fire-retardant PU foam independently tested for fire resistance

Accessories for cartridge sealants and construction foam

In addition to sealants, Fixfast offers a range of accessories including cartridge guns, foam applicator guns, backing rods, foam gun cleaners, silicone cleaning wipes and silicone removers.