Delivery of orders outside of Great Britain

At Fixfast we’ve tried to minimise the impact to our customers of the new Import Export regulations imposed since BREXIT. We’ve done this by taking on much of the responsibility for moving goods where those deliveries are outside Great Britain. This has however resulted in issues which has ultimately caused unwanted delays confusion and cost.


We have therefore taken the difficult decision to change the way we ship goods outside of Great Britain.


Going forward the basis on which goods will now be shipped from Fixfast will depend on the destination of the goods. The responsibility of each of the stages is determined by INCOTERMS.  

International Commercial Terms (INCOTERMS)

These are a widely used set of terms which define how goods are shipped across country boarders. They determine factors such as who is responsible for each stage of the journey, who handles customs paperwork and where liability lies.


Broadly there are 11 groups of terms which clearly denote the basis on which the goods are being shipped. More detailed information can be found at:

Goods Shipped from Fixfast will be sent on the following basis

Deliveries to Republic of Ireland

As from the 1st October, all goods to the Republic of Ireland is being shipped from our Newry offices as an EU despatch.

To do this we will however require an EORI number for each shipment. This will need to be provided before the goods can leave the warehouse. Guidance on obtaining an EORI number can be found at

Deliveries to Rest of the World

To be shipped DAP (Delivered at Place). For goods that are shipped to anywhere outside of Great Britain, Northern Ireland or the Republic of Ireland customers will have to pay any duties and taxes that apply to the goods.


This means that as an importer you would be responsible for the paperwork required to Import the goods and any associated costs.


We will ship the goods and once they arrive in the destination country the contact on the order be contacted by a shipping agent from that country. They’ll be able to guide you through the paperwork and fees in order for the goods to clear customs.


To help you determine whether you’ll need to pay duty we’ll provide Commodity Codes and Country of Origin of the goods.

Deliveries to England, Scotland, Wales & Northern Ireland

These remain the same as our existing service and are not affected by the Import Export regulations


If you have any questions regarding the purchase of goods outside of Great Britain then please do contact your Account Manager of a member of the Customer Services Team on or +44(0) 1732 882 387