MatchFast® stainless A2 grade fasteners

MatchFast® Stainless A2/304
Durable coloured head stainless steel fasteners for sheeting and cladding


MatchFast® Stainless A2/304 are an unparalleled range of fasteners manufactured from Stainless steel A2/304 with coloured nylon heads for use in roofing and cladding. They are UV resistant and are suitable for use in medium risk corrosivity environments or on projects using aluminium sheeting or components. Advanced manufacturing techniques ensure that MatchFast® Stainless A2/304 delivers superior drilling and tapping performance and achieves consistently high pull-out and shear values.

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MatchFast Stainless A2304

Designed to be different

Maximum durability


Features a nylon head reinforced with glass fibre, which is moulded for exceptional impact resistance

Colour match


More than 200 colours held in stock and fade-free thanks to UV resistant nylon

Find out more about our fastener colour options

Drillpoint size and thread ratio


Engineered to ensure maximum thread grip and deliver the highest level of pull-out performance without damaging the build-up.

Superior Drillpoint


Sophisticated manufacturing processes weld a carbon steel drillpoint to the stainless steel body. The hardened drillpoint pierces and taps into the metal substrate, pre-forming the material for the stainless thread, ensuring the fastener is totally secure while maintaining its inherent corrosion-resistance properties

Freespin zones


To prevent over-driving and thread stripping in thin materials, while creating a superior seal.

High thread


Features the same pitch as the main thread for easy driving but a larger diameter to ensure the washer is clamped tightly to the top sheet of the panel, creating a weatherproof seal.

Fastener features

Product specification

MatchFast® A2/304 Stainless fasteners for sheeting, cladding and façade applications are manufactured from high-grade A2/304 stainless steel. 


The below table provides the warranty duration of this material per environment. This is a guide to selecting suitable fixings, but we would always recommend involving Fixfast at an early stage to ensure correct product specification.


A2/304 grade stainless steel warranty duration by environment

Environment Environment conditions Duration (years)
Interior (C1) Internal heated buildings, with low humidity and insignificant pollution wholly unaffected by the external location, e.g. offices, schools, museums. Internal heated buildings, with low humidity and insignificant pollution wholly unaffected by the external location, e.g. offices, schools, museums. 30
Semi-Interior The atmosphere and conditions within the building, sufficiently sealed and insulated from the external environment so they would normally be expected to be unaffected by it, e.g. fasteners installed beneath external waterproofing membrane.
This does not apply to C5 & Swimming pool environments, where the relevant conditions take precedence.
Rural (C2) Unheated spaces with varying temperature and relative humidity. Low frequency of condensation and low pollution, e.g. storage, sport halls. Temperate zone, atmospheric environment with low pollution, e.g. rural areas, small towns. 25
Urban (C3) Spaces with moderate frequency of condensation and moderate pollution from production process, e.g. food-processing plants, laundries, breweries, dairies. Temperate zone, atmospheric environment with medium pollution e.g: urban areas. 25
Industrial/Coastal (C4) Highly humid and polluted industrial areas or an aggressive environment with high frequency of condensation, between 2km and 10km from the sea and coastal regions, e.g. wind-blown salt spray and atmospheres containing chlorides. 15
Marine (C5) Marine areas up to 2km from the sea containing chlorides and very high levels of salinity, including highly polluted industrial areas with near permanent condensation (outside the splash zone). Not suitable
Swimming pools and Chemical plants Swimming pool areas or chemical plants that are exposed to chlorine vapour. Not suitable


Stainless steel fasteners should always be used to secure aluminium sheeting or components to eliminate the potential for galvanic corrosion.

The range includes fasteners with bi-hex heads in lengths from 25mm up to 275mm with drill point capacities from 0.5mm to 12.0mm to cater for a wide range of roofing and cladding applications.

Code Explainer

Washer Options

A variety of washer materials and diameters are available to suit all roofing and cladding applications.

These are the general recommendations for washer sizes, however, consideration should be given to the corrugation dimensions and system manufacturer specifications.

Code Diameter Image Application
A15 15mm A15 washer Vertical cladding
A19 19mm A19 washer Roof sheeting
L29 29mm A29 washer Rooflights

Stainless steel fasteners for roofing and cladding applications