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Secure from substrate to skin

Our rainscreen support systems are the complete engineered solution for securely fixing rainscreens from substrate to skin.

Based on the specific demands of your project, we will put together a package of best-in-class components - including substrate fasteners, the substructure and facade fasteners - so you can deliver cost-effective, compliant, secure and durable rainscreens for your clients.

Every Fixfast rainscreen support system is backed up by a comprehensive service offering designed to help you at any stage of your project, informed by over 40 years of fastening engineering experience.

System overview

Substrate fixings


Best in class anchors and fasteners for a secure fix to any substrate.

Includes Fischer masonry anchors and DrillFast® stainless steel fasteners



The aluminium framework and essential components for a complete rainscreen support substructure.

Includes structural aluminium bar and bracket system with thermal breaks, DrillFast® stainless steel fasteners and essential components including insulation anchors, membranes and cavity fire barriers.

Panel fasteners


Fasteners and adhesives to affix the rainscreen panel to the substructure.

Includes DrillFast® lacquered stainless steel fasteners, lacquered stainless steel rivets and SikaTack panel adhesive.

Suitable for any substrate

Masonry wall construction

Steel framing system construction

Composite panel construction

Timber frame construction

Engineering led approach

Your rainscreen support system is customised to your specific requirements. Based on the location and structure of your building, and our extensive test data, our in-house technical team will undertake substrate and wind load calculations to determine the exact support system you require. If needed, we will carry out on-site pull tests to confirm the structural suitability of your system with the available substrate.

We optimise your support system to match with the outer skin of your rainscreen design, and make installation as straightforward as possible. The end result is a system configured specifically to your project and easily installed by your on-site team, with components delivered to site when you need them, so you can move on to the next job sooner.

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