Weekly updates to help keep your projects on track

Weekly updates to help keep your projects on track

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    10 Mar 2022
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Managing procurement across multiple projects can be a real headache. You need to know when orders are going to arrive so you can make sure the right people are on site, to be able to track spend against project budgets, and to reconcile invoices. But all too often, doing these essential tasks means sifting through mountains of paperwork and making multiple phone calls to suppliers and construction sites.

To help ease the burden for our customers, Fixfast has added automated notifications to our online account area to give you complete visibility of the procurement process.

At the end of each week, you’ll receive email updates about the orders that have been placed, outstanding deliveries and invoices raised, either for your whole account or by project.

What’s more, you can turn them on and off for each project depending on your requirements – so they won’t be clogging up your inbox if you don’t need them.

Setting up notifications is simple – just go to your Fixfast online account dashboard and turn on notifications under the ‘orders’ and ‘billings’ sections of your account or for individual projects.

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