Advanced UK Manufacturing
Fixfast's cutting-edge UK manufacturing and R&D cell

Made in the UK

Fixfast is focused on improving the way fasteners are made and used in the construction of better, safer buildings.


So, we’ve made a multi-million pound investment in a new, state-of-the-art manufacturing and R&D cell in the UK.


Our new facility in Kent helps us deliver on our three ongoing commitments; service excellence, technical leadership, and raising standards in our industry.

For Fixfast customers, our expanded UK manufacturing capability means we can be even more reliable and responsive.

We’ve always had industry-leading stock levels and a big commitment to delivering the best customer service. Our new UK facility means we can rapidly upscale production to meet customer demand and reduce lead times further.


We’ve made a big investment to maintain our ‘Maximum reliability’ promise. With the addition of more manufacturing capacity, that promise has never been stronger.

For our OEM partners, Fixfast has the design and production capability to match their own high-performance systems. 

The addition of our new UK facility means we can design and produce a greater range of products more quickly, and with industry-leading accuracy and quality.


We are able to rapidly prototype bespoke fastener designs to match OEM system specifications in just a few days.

Our manufacturing and R&D cell underlines our commitment to ongoing technical excellence.

As well as ensuring the supply of quality fasteners to the UK construction market, our new facility consolidates our position as trusted technical experts.


We have brought together the best manufacturing components from around the world to create one of the most advanced manufacturing and engineering environments in the UK construction industry.


The cell uses data to link Internet-of-Things enabled machines in one of our sector’s first Industry 4.0 grade facilities. These machines allow us to monitor each stage of the manufacturing process and give us huge amounts of data on the performance of the cell – so we can produce fasteners with greater speed and technical accuracy than ever before.