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Request a technical service from Fixfast

Fixfast's in-house technical services team provide a range of calculations and technical services to those looking to purchase or specify our products. You can find out more detail about these calculations here.

There are just four steps to requesting a Technical Service Request

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rainwaterRainwater calculations

Flow rate calculations for our FarBo roof drainage system, in accordance with the UK design standard BS EN 12056 : 3-2000. Request

WindloadWindload calculations

Windload calculations for flat roofing projects using our SureFast flat roofing fastener systems, in accordance with Eurocode 1991-1-4, . Request

facade iconFacade calculations

Facade and rainscreen calculations for providing the quantity and spacing of the sub-structure bar and bracket system.

Tapered schemeTapered schemes

Upload a plan of your tapered insulation scheme, and we'll calculate the optimum fastener requirements for each insulation thickness. Request

site visitsPull out tests and site visits

Book a visit to your project by a Fixfast engineer, for fastener pull testing, proof testing, or application specific advice. Every visit will be followed up with a comprehensive written report to ensure you have all the information you need.

Please note that site visits will only be carried out to sites where current health and safety regulations are enforced. We reserve the right to refuse site visits if the area is unsafe. Request

If you need any assistance filling in the forms, please call +44 (0) 1732 882387 and speak to a member of our engineering team.