Stainless steel drillscrews

DrillFast® 225mm A4 stainless panel fasteners, 19mm washer

DrillFast® 225mm A4 stainless panel fasteners, 19mm washer

A4/316 grade stainless steel composite panel fastener for fixing to primary steelwork

Supplied pre-assembled with an stainless steel / EPDM rubber 19mm diameter sealing washer, normally used in roof applications.

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DF25-SSA4-HT-S19-6.3 x 225
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£335.83 (ex. vat) per 100
DF25-SSA4-HT-S19-6.3 x 225 is available to buy in increments of 100


Stainless steel high thread fastener for fastening composite panels to heavy steel, between 8.0mm and 25.0mm thick.

Ideally suited for panel systems that are fastened straight back to the primary steelwork, such as: Kingspan Longspan, Topspan and Envirodek. Eurobond Rainspan and Rockspan Trimo insulated panels.


  • Extremely versatile - drills through large range of steel thickness
  • Twist-drill point for drilling through heavy steel up to 25mm thick
  • A4/316 grade stainless steel for corrosion resistance
  • 6.3mm diameter thread provides consistently high pull out and shear values
  • 19mm stainless steel / EPDM rubber sealing washer, for roofing applications
  • Build-up Min (mm) 99
  • Build-up Max (mm) 141
  • Length (mm) 225
  • Suitable for drilling into steel Min (mm) 8
  • Suitable for drilling into steel Max (mm) 25
  • Install with GreenDrive
  • Diameter (mm) 6.3
  • Fastener material A4 / 316 stainless steel


Self Drilling Fastener for 25mm steel

The DF25-SS fastener is specifically designed for fixing directly the primary steel work. It's available in a variety of lengths, for fixing both single sheet systems as well as structural composite panels without the need to pre-drill the steel.