DrillFast stainless A2 product range
Rooftop Walkway
Safe, durable fixed and loose-lay walkways


Fixfast Walkway systems are safe, durable and provide clear demarcation routes for the maintenance of rooftops and services. They are designed to ensure safe working at height and can help protect fragile roofs. Fixfast Walkway systems comply with relevant British safety standards.

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Pace aluminium walkway

Pace is a lightweight aluminium walkway system with a modular design that can be tailored to your exact requirements.

Designed as part of a system, it can be used with Fixfast guard rail and KATT ladders to provide a complete safe access system.

Fixed design


Pace is a lightweight aluminium walkway system that is fixed onto the roof surface using fasteners, rivets or standing seam clamps

Pitched roofs


It is typically used for providing safe access on profiled metal sheeting and standing seam roofs, although it is suitable for other applications.

Levels surface


Pace is fixed to the metal roof via support battens. For roof tops up to three degrees pitch where the walkway is running across the slope, it can be installed on levelled walkway battens. For walkway installed running vertically up the roof, the maximum pitch is ten degrees before levelling is required.

Optional guardrail


Pace is designed to be installed as an independent unit or in conjunction with Sentry GuardRail. It can be fitted with Sentry GuardRail on one or both sides of the walkway system depending on the building’s safety requirements.

Modular design


Pace comprises modular components to create a walkway that meets your exact requirements.

Roof materials


Prevents people from accidentally stepping between the standing seams, which can damage the roof.

Quality materials


Pace is manufactured from aluminium, making it both lightweight and corrosion resistant.



A ten year warranty is available

DukMat loose lay walkway

DukMat™ is a flexible loose-lay walkway that is delivered on the roll, making it extremely quick and easy to install.

In addition to rooftop applications, DukMat™ is also available for use in coldstore environments.

Superior safety


Unique ‘diamond cut’ design provides permanent slip resistance. DukMat® provides a safe path over standing water and is self-draining thanks to its open grid format.

Quick installation


DukMat® is supplied on a 10m roll and is simply laid flat on the roof making it extremely quick and easy to install – no fixings or equipment is required.

Independently tested


DukMat™ remained in position at wind speeds of up to 80mph when tested in the wind tunnel at the University of Hertfordshire School of Engineering.

Roof protection


Prevents the roof membrane or material from being damaged, pierced or worn.



Available in PVC or TPO for compatibility with most roofing materials. Note: it is important to check compatibility with the roof to prevent any chemical reaction and subsequent damage.



Available in four widths and a range of colours.

Special applications


Options are available for solar panels and cold stores.



5-year warranty as standard.