Rooftop guardrail

Fixfast guardrail
Rooftop Guardrail
Premium engineered rooftop safety systems


Fixfast guard rail systems are designed to provide collective edge protection around the perimeter of a flat roof for safe working at height. They comply with the relevant BS EN safety standards for Guard rails. Fixfast offers two Guard rail safety systems. EdgePro is a freestanding weighted Guard rail, which means there’s no need to penetrate the roof. Sentry is a fixed Guard rail system that is mechanically fastened to the roof using rivets or self-drilling fasteners.

Fixfast rooftop guardrail

Designed to be different



Manufactured from aluminium, Fixfast Guard rail systems complement the design of the building.

Ease of installation


Both systems are simple and quick to install.

Safe and secure


Compliant with the relevant technical standards BS EN ISO 14122:3:2016 for fixed Guard rails and BS EN13374 class A for freestanding Guard rails.



Fixfast Guard rail systems are tailored to meet your exact requirements.

EdgePro - free standing weighted guardrail

EdgePro is a high-quality freestanding Guard rail system. It is manufactured from corrosion-resistant aluminium and is secured with 25kg counter-weights, making it quick and easy to install. As a result, it doesn’t need fixing into the roof, so there are no issues with weatherproofing.


EdgePro can be installed with a choice of upright angles and is compliant with BS EN13374 class A for a maximum 10 degree roof pitch.

Sentry - permanent fixed guardrail

Sentry is a best-in-class permanent Guard rail system. It is manufactured from corrosion-resistant aluminium and is secured into the roof structure with Fixfast rivets or self drilling fasteners. It is quick and easy to install, with no need to lift counterweights to roof level.

Each Sentry Guard rail system is tailored to meet your exact requirements – from the swivel joints to the base design, it is fully adjustable to suit any location and roof design, where the pitch is under 10 degrees.

Sentry is compliant with BS EN ISO 14122:3:2016.

Technical support


The Fixfast technical team is on hand to help you at any stage of your project from feasibility design through to final specification and tender.


If you need support specifying the right Fixfast Guard rail systems, do not hesitate to get in touch.