EdgeGuard™ living roof edge restraint



EdgeGuard™ is an edge restraint system, engineered to protect the long term performance of living roofs. Manufactured from aluminium, EdgeGuard™ can be used as either an edge restraint or for separating substrates on a green roof.


It can be customised to your exact requirements ensuring complete design flexibility. EdgeGuard™ reduces risk of soil erosion and slippage, providing effective drainage and improved access for easier maintenance.

Designed to be different

Design flexibility

A complete system that can be tailored to create a solution suitable for almost any type and shape of living roof.

Superior drainage

Incorporates the correct number of slots allow for the flow of water through the system.

Quick and easy installation

EdgeGuard™ is supplied in 2.4m lengths, is lightweight and robust, and features a unique connection system making it straight forward to install.

Any building style

Modern aluminium complements your projects, while a traditional style is available that works well with oak timbers.

Unique base design

Provides stability and features a large cut-out for bonding to membrane if required.

Any colour

EdgeGuard™ is available (to order) in almost any RAL or BS colour.

Product specification

EdgeGuard™ edge restraint system is manufactured from aluminium. As a result, it is durable, extremely lightweight and corrosion-resistant, and can be tailored to meet the needs of each project.

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