QD-3000 adhesive - 13.6 litre canister

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QD-3000 adhesive - 13.6 litre canister

Q-Dek insulation adhesive for flat roofing

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QD-3000-MINI insulation adhesive is a self-contained airless spray polyurethane adhesive system. This single part adhesive will bond most tissue faced insulation boards to a variety of substrates and bituminous vapour control layers.


Quick and easy bonding of tissue faced insulation to a variety of substrates in flat roofing applications


13.6ltr canister proven to bond up to 120m2 of insulation
Low rise adhesive formula means insulation boards only have to be placed once
Gun does not have to be cleaned after each use. Turn the gun off after use and the moisture block hose prevents the adhesive from curing inside the gun or hose.
Compatible gun and hose must be used with this product

Suitable for:

Insulation Types

Tissue faced insulation boards
Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) insulation boards
Bitumen faced insulation boards
Extruded Polystyrene (XPS) insulation boards
Cellular glass insulation boards
Cork insulation boards

Deck types

Concrete decks
Plywood decks
Galvanised metal decks
OSB decks
Bituminous VCL

  • Volume (ml) 1360