Your online Fixfast account

What can you do with an online account?


Our online accounts are designed to give you easy access to information about your account or order without the need to call or emails us. At the moment you can do the following:


  • View your individual prices
  • Place orders
  • View your account history
  • Create multiple favourite lists for projects or regular orders
  • Check whether your order has been dispatched
  • View and download copy invoices, credit notes
  • Request up to date statements
  • View your credit limit
  • Request technical calculations
  • Account administrators can set access levels for their team members

What type of account do you need?

There are several types of online account:

  • Business Account - For those purchasing on behalf of a company.  If the company already has a Fixfast online account, your account administrator can add you as a user. If your company already work with Fixfast then once you register for an online account we'll connect the two within 3 business hours. 
  • Personal Account - For those purchasing through e-commerce for non-commercial use.
  • Guest Checkout - For one-off e-commerce purchases, when you don't want to register for an account.

New Fixfast customers

If your company has never purchased from us before, the quickest and easiest way to get an account is to register for one online.


Get started by clicking the button below, and fill in the registration form.

Or call +44 (0) 1732 882 387 for orders over the phone.

Online accounts for existing customers

Setting up an online account is simple. If your company is already a Fixfast customer, follow the steps below to set up an online account.


Step One:

Nominate an administrator within your company

Your company administrator will be responsible for all the users in your company.

Because of this, we need your administrator to set up the account.

Step Two:

Your administrator should register for an online account

Click here and then click on the 'Create a Company Account' button. Then complete the required fields on the form and click on the submit button.

Step Three:

We'll connect your online and offline accounts

Our friendly customer services team will connect your existing account to your online login.

Connecting your account can take up to 4 working hours.

Step Four:

You're connected

Now when you log in you'll be able to see your account onlne.

You'll get access to your order history, be able to save lists of your favourite products, and more.

Adding users to an existing online account

Has your company got an existing account online?


If so, company administrators for your account will be able to add new users.

A new user can easily be set up through ‘My Account’, on the 'User Management' screen as per the video.


If you have any questions, then please contact Customer Services on +44 (0) 1732 882 387


Managing company roles and permissions

You can set a range of permissions for different people in your organisation.

Visit Your Account, and make changes on the 'User Management' > 'Roles and Permissions' screen.

You can give different people different permissions according to their job role. This means they only see parts of the Online Account that are relevant to their job. You can also change permissions anytime and access will be updated immediately.

Remove existing users from an online account using My Account

Only company administrators of the online account can do this.

First, log in to ‘My Account’.

Using the ‘User Management’ area,  select the user you wish to remove, and click ‘Delete’ next to their name. Please be aware that this cannot be reversed, so please do double check before deleting anyone.

For example, if you or a colleague are leaving the business, your company admin can remove access. Changes are instant.

Manage my credit account

You can view your credit account balance via My Account, to see how much you have remaining.

Log in to My Account and click ‘Billing’.

If you have any questions about your credit account, please contact Customer Services.

Can’t see it? Access to view your credit account balance will depend on your user level & permissions as set by your company administrator.

View invoice history

You can view all of your invoices in your online Account. You can view the payment status, check order reference numbers, and request copies of invoices and statements.

Login to My Account, and click 'Billing'. 


You can view all your previous invoices, request copies, and request a copy statement.

Quick orders

Place orders for things you’ve previously bought with just one click.

Visit ‘My Account’, click ‘Orders’, and look for the ‘Reorder’ button. Your Online Order History will show you everything you’ve previously purchased and give you the option to buy it again.

Managing your favourites list

Adding items to your favourites list is easy. Look out for the button on the product page.

You can view your lists in Your Account and add or edit items to your Cart from ‘My Favourites’.


Accessing your Account

Forgotten your password?

Your password can be reset using the ‘Forgot Password’ form from the ‘Log in’ screen. You will receive an email to reset the password that was registered to your account.


Forget your email used AND your password?

The email address attached to your account is normally your company email. You should be able to follow the ‘Forgot Password’ link from the Log in screen. 
If you don't receive the reset email, or need futher help, call us on +44 (0) 1732 882387.

Projects area

The projects area has been designed so all the information regarding a specific construction site can be found in one area, including:

  • Orders
  • Products
  • Shipments
  • Invoices
  • O & M manual documents


Setting up Notifications

Set up weekly emails to give you a summary of all orders and invoices raised in a week, any outstanding shipments and your current credit and account balance.


You can also set up notifications for specific projects that you would like to track closely.

Quick Quote

You can now download a PDF quote for the items in your cart with the Quick Quote function.


Watch the video to find out more...

Express Order


Express order has been set up as a quick way of adding items to your cart without having to navigate to the relevant product page. It is ideal for those familiar with the names and codes of fixfast products.


Watch the demonstration video for further details on how this function works.