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Living Roofs
Industry Overview

The complete living roof retention system


It is clear to see why living roofs are growing in popularity. By reducing heating costs while also creating an urban space for wildlife to thrive, living roofs hit the economy + ecology sweet spot. In many cases, planning policies also now require green roofs or walls to be incorporated into designs where feasible.


But the effects of weather can impact how these roofs look and perform over time. To preserve the growth of the living roof sector, the physical properties of the roofs themselves must be protected. Living roofs need proper engineering. The Fixfast Living Roof Retention System resolves the issues that limit a living roof’s long-term performance.


System benefits


  • Prevention of soil erosion and slippage
  • Effective drainage
  • Improved access for easier maintenance
  • Lower risk of waterproof membrane breaches
  • Enhanced fire safety
  • Design flexibility

System overview



Preserves boundaries and fire breaks

EdgeGuard is a completely flexible aluminium retention angle solution. Designed for use around the edge of living roof substrates, it can be used to preserve the integrity of fire breaks, or separate different roof garden materials.

Flexible options and unique connectors mean EdgeGuard is suited to almost any type of living roof application.



Prevents soil slippage on pitched roofs

SlumpGuard is an anti-slip grip for retaining living roof material when installed on barrel vaulted or pitched roofs.

Retaining spikes or squares grip the underside of the sedum blanket, preventing unsightly slippage which can cause drainage issues and compromise fire safety.



Enhances and enables drainage maintenance

JacBox is a modular inspection chamber solution for drainage and irrigation points. It enables secure, easy maintenance inspections, and prevents drains from becoming blocked.

It is made from powder-coated aluminium for corrosion resistance and colour flexibility.

Preserving the long term performance of living roofs

Technical support and quality assurance

Our Living Roof Retention System is backed by a comprehensive service offering designed to support you at every stage of your project, from design through to installation.


Whether choosing the right product for the right application, or helping you understand the relevant regulations, our technical team is on hand to answer any questions you may have. This is backed by comprehensive technical information, including CAD and BIM files.


We have conducted extensive research and testing to select the right components for our system. Every component is manufactured to ISO 9001 quality management standards, and meets the relevant European standards for performance.

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