The Flat Roofing Industry

Flat roofing industry
Flat Roofing
Industry Overview

Complete flat roofing fastener and drainage systems

We offer flat roofing fastener systems to securely fix many roof build-ups to a variety of substrates, and robust roof drainage systems to suit most flat roof membranes. This is supported by a substantial range of other rooftop products essential to complete weatherproofing.

The Fixfast fastening and drainage systems are designed to help you deliver long-lasting and secure flat roofs. We offer solutions that are suitable for many deck types including steel, aluminium, timber and concrete in conjunction with many flat roof systems.

The range includes products for single ply, Topdek, bituminous and liquid systems as well as for warm, cold, inverted and living roof applications.

System overview

Fastener systems


Fasteners to securely fix any roof build-up to a variety of substrates.

Includes the SureFast® mechanical fastening system, QD 3000 & HandyDek insulation adhesive system and essential tooling and drill bits.

Roof drainage systems


Robust drainage systems to suit any flat roof membrane.

Includes the complete FarBo® drainage system with rainwater outlets, couplings and seals, leaf guards and temporary drainage solutions.

Rooftop accessories


Essential products to complete the weatherproofing.

Includes RyMar® vents and ducts, TorVec® pipe flashings, the PipePockets™ sealing system, StrikeClip™ lightning clips, PaveProp paving supports and the Fixfast living roof retention system.

Products in application

Technical support and Quality assurance

Our technical support team can supply various data depending on your specific requirements. We provide detailed technical reports on request, including wind load calculations in accordance with Eurocode 1991-1-4, and rainwater flow rate calculations to BS EN 12056:3-2000.


If you’re not sure of the integrity of the available substrate, we can undertake on-site pull tests to confirm the mechanical security of your flat roof. And if your project includes a tapered insulation scheme, we can assist you with selecting the correct SureFast tube and fastener combination.


All products are manufactured to ISO 9001 – 2015 standards and are CE Marked where appropriate. For additional peace of mind, the SureFast® mechanical fastening system is backed up by a comprehensive Fixfast warranty of up to 40 years – the best on the market.

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