Commonly Overlooked Living Roof Engineering Issues

Commonly Overlooked Living Roof Engineering Issues


The living roof market is booming. The yearly market growth of 17.1% shows no sign of slowing, driven by government initiatives and a groundswell of popular support. The construction industry stands to benefit from this new sustainable future the UK is embracing – great news for us all.

But to capitalise on this new opportunity, contractors and architects need to be aware of the importance of living roof engineering. Specifically, the role a retention system plays in preserving the long-term performance of a living roof.

Here we take a look at some of the commonly overlooked issues we have seen in under-engineered living roofs.

Image showing the often overlooked issues around engineering a successful living roof

Awareness of the issues is the first step to solving the problem. It’s important that we maintain the long-term integrity of our living roofs, in order to ensure a vibrant and growing market.

The Fixfast living roof retention system addresses the issues that a harsh life at altitude can cause.

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