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  • HandyDek flat roofing foam adhesive
  • High bond tapes
  • StrikeClip lightning clips
  • EdgePro aluminium guardrail
  • Profiled filler blocks
  • Air vapour control layer
  • VCL butyl double sided tape
  • Membrane penetration tape
  • Breathable membrane

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Video Library

The DF25-SS-HT Fastener - Self drilling for steel up to 25mm thick

The specially designed and manufactured DF25 stainless steel high thread fastener makes fixing composite panels to very heavy steel an easy task.

View the product range here

FarBo Calliper

The FarBo Calliper – a tool that makes measuring for outlets in new build and refurbishment applications simple and straightforward.

View product details

Sika-Tack Panel Adhesive System

The Sika-Tack Panel System is an adhesive system for the economic and concealed fixing of ventilated facade panel.

The video shows an overview of a live installation of the system by expert contractor Keyclad LTD.

View the product range here

RCI Show 2016 - DF25-SS-HT Fasteners

The new DF25-SS-HT fasteners from Fixfast are a range of stainless steel fasteners capable of self drilling through 25mm steel.

This makes them the perfect solution for fixing composite panels directly back to the primary steelwork with panel systems such as the Kingspan Longspan and Topspan ranges, Eurobond Rainspan and Rockspan panels and Trimo insulated panels

View the product range here

RCI Show 2016 - Flat Roofing Products

At the 2016 RCI show, Fixfast showcase our comprehensive range of flat roofing fastening systems together with systems for sealing and ventilation of flat roofs.

View flat roofing fastener systems
View flat roofing adhesive
View flat roofing accessories

RCI Show 2016 - Living Roof Products

Also at the 2016 RCI show, Fixfast show our range of products specially designed for complimenting and enhancing living roofs.

View the product range here

Topdek Fasteners

Fixfast fasteners for the Kingspan Topdek panel. Watch to see how our fasteners stand apart from the rest.

View the product range here

KATT Modular Access Ladders

KATT modular ladders are an extremely versatile range of fixed ladders providing safe access:

From the ground to roofs and elevated areas
Between varying roof levels
To rooftop machinery and equipment platforms

View the product range here

The UF Mechanical Seal

The unique UF seal is specifically designed to prevent water water backing up and leaking through an unsealed outlet / downpipe connection.

View the product range here

FarBo O-ring seal

The ultimate test for the Farbo O-ring seal.

View the product range here

DukMat Rooftop Walkways

DukMat linear walkways are used on roofs to provide safe access for maintenance of rooftop services or frequently accessed areas.

View the product range here

FO-CLICK Leaf Guard

The easy solution to secure leafguards

View the product range here

Do your fasteners fix securely

RIDBA research shows that many fibre cement topfix fasteners can loosen due to movement in the sheeting system. Fixfast FCW fasteners are optimised to engage securely in the purlin.

View the product range here

Fixfast - The manufacturing process

Fixfast is the recognised manufacturer of our core product ranges as defined under UK and EU law, as the entity wholly responsible for the products, their design, properties and performance. Specifications are the result of Fixfast development, and we control the fabrication, aspects of which may take place directly on Fixfast premises or under Fixfast instruction at approved specialists.


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