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Heater jacket



For use with the QD adhesive canisters.This product provides a means of keeping canister adhesive at a workable temperature during the winter months.


  • Q-Dek airless spray polyurethane adhesive systems work best at constant temperatures above 15°C to enable correct distribution of material
  • 1 metre lead and male 110V standard supply connector for construction site compliance. Fixfast recommend the use of a 30mA RCD for maximum safety
  • Easy to use Velcro fixing straps for quick transfer onto other canisters
  • Thermally insulated PVC coated jacket protects heating element and helps to maintain temperature during cold weather
  • Thermal cut-out rated at 25°C to prevent over-heating of pressurised canisters
  • Designed for the 22 litre canisters, it can be adjusted to fit smaller canisterse.g. the 13.6l Mini canister, within the limitation of the length of the Velcro straps (600mm – 800mm circumference approx.)
  • Suitable for all outside environmental conditions, including use while raining, but should not be immersed in water
  • Fully certified in accordance with EN60079, and is CE marked to comply with LV and EMC directives






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