• Fastener systems
  • Sheeting and Cladding Fasteners
  • Flat Roofing Fastener Systems
  • Façade and Rainscreen Systems
  • TapFast - High Corrosion Resistant Fasteners
  • Fully Supported Metal Roofing Cleats and Fasteners
  • Rivets
  • General Construction Products
  • Adhesive systems
  • Q-Dek flat roofing adhesive systems
  • HandyDek flat roofing foam adhesive
  • Sika Tack adhesive system
  • Sika-AT adhesive
  • High bond tapes
  • Roof drainage systems
  • FarBo roof drainage systems
  • Rooftop products
  • Living Roof Products
  • V-Seal pipe flashings
  • Pipe Pockets
  • RyMar Vents
  • Support products
  • DukMat walkway products
  • StrikeClip lightning clips
  • Height Safety and Access Systems
  • KATT Modular access ladders
  • EdgePro aluminium guardrail
  • Sealing products
  • Cartridge sealants
  • Butyl strip sealants
  • Tape Products
  • Repair Products
  • Construction foam
  • Weatherproofing products
  • Profiled filler blocks
  • Facade Sealing Membrane System
  • Air vapour control layer
  • Thermo reflective membrane
  • VCL butyl double sided tape
  • Membrane penetration tape
  • Breathable membrane
  • UV resistant facade membrane
  • Specialist Tools
  • Power tools and accessories
  • Drive bits
  • Drill bits
  • Hand tools
  • Ancillary items
  • HandyDek flat roofing foam adhesive
  • High bond tapes
  • StrikeClip lightning clips
  • EdgePro aluminium guardrail
  • Profiled filler blocks
  • Air vapour control layer
  • VCL butyl double sided tape
  • Membrane penetration tape
  • Breathable membrane

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Continuing Professional Development Seminars from Fixfast

 RIBA Accredited CPD

Fixfast are committed to helping architects and specifiers achieve their 35 hours (minimum) of Continuing Professional Development per year, and currently offer two RIBA approved seminars.

1 – “A guide to the correct attachment of the building envelope”. This highlights some of the key issues around external building envelope attachment, including:

  •        Corrosion and how to avoid it.
  •        Workmanship issues.
  •        Understanding Rainscreen attachment.
  •        Correct specification of fasteners for corrosive environments such as swimming pools.
  •        Understanding Single Ply roofing attachment. 

 2 - "A guide to the specification of permanent safe access and collective protective systems". This highlights vital considerations when specifying permanent access to raised areas, and covers:

  •     Who the design responsibility lies with.
  •     British and EU design standards.
  •     Working at height standards that specifiers need to be aware of.

Please click here to attend one of these seminars

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